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New Choices in Microsoft Office for Windows 10 by Kelly Lynn

When you finally get Windows 10, you'll find that Microsoft Office comes in two versions for it - the traditional desktop suite of programs that you use with your keyboard and mouse, and an app called Universal Office that is optimized for touch. The differences between the two versions are somewhat complicated. To begin, Universal apps -- Office and everything else -- are designed to run on every platform that runs a version of Windows 10 -- phone, tablet, PC, Xbox and so on. The app version is optimized to help users create and edit documents on a small screen. The desktop version is also usable on multiple platforms: on the PC, in touch-based mode if you have a touch monitor, and on a tablet running Windows 10. If both … Continue reading

Microsoft Office Online -- Free Office for Everyone by Kelly Lynn

To anyone who likes the familiarity of Microsoft Office but dislikes what the software costs, there's an acceptable option that doesn't involve switching to OpenOffice or pirated software -- it's the completely free Microsoft OfficeOnline.com. The program puts the familiar face of every Office program in your browser window, and easily replaces the actual desktop version of Microsoft Office for most needs. How Office Online stacks up against the paid version of the software Both the standard desktop version of Office and the subscription-based Office 365 come with decent-sized price tags. This isn't the way Office Online works, though. Just as with the Office apps on the Android Play Store, iOS App Store or the Microsoft Store, Office Online is completely free. All you need to use it is a … Continue reading

Why Do Ios Devices Ask You If You Trust a Computer That You Plug Into? by Kelly Lynn

The first time that you plugged an iPod, iPad or iPhone into a computer through USB, you probably waited for a while, saw nothing happen, and only then noticed the pop-up by iOS that asked you if you would like to "Trust This Computer." The USB connection won't go through unless you click Trust. Sometimes, you'll even see this message when you're simply trying to plug your iOS device to a public charger. If you've never been clear about why this happens, here are some answers. The security threats to stay clear of Trust This Computer warnings are about both the security of your phone's data and OS, and about preventing theft of the physical device, as well. Data and OS security: It's easy to plug the phone into an … Continue reading

Getting Your Favorite Android App on Your PC by Kelly Lynn

Microsoft has publicly spoken of its intention to allow developers to directly port Android apps to the Windows Phone platform. The move should help dramatically expand Windows Store's offering for smartphones running the Windows Phone OS. What if you're someone who is more interested in seeing Android apps on a Windows desktop, though? It could certainly be great fun to have WhatsApp or Viber on your Windows desktop. You'd be able to ¬†type on a regular, physical keyboard. You could say much the same thing for any number of phone apps -- travel apps, games and much more. Luckily, there are ways. Using an Android emulator ¬† It has always been possible to run Android apps on Windows computers -- you only need an Android Software Developer Kit -- it's … Continue reading

Protecting Yourself from Keystroke Loggers by Kelly Lynn

A keystroke logger or keylogger is a device whose job it is to record every keypress on the keyboard of your computer. It could either take the form of software that gets installed on your computer or dedicated hardware that connects to it. Keyloggers can record not only what is typed into documents, but into website address bars, username/password fields and credit card fields, as well.. Keylogger software is usually placed on computers through stealth -- it either arrives as an unwanted piece of software delivered by malware, or as spyware installed by someone with access - a suspicious spouse or employer, a protective parent or a corporate spy. In specific cases, such as ones where employers like to keep tabs on employees at work, surreptitiously installing keylogger software may … Continue reading

Finding Out What the Windows Zip Utility Can't Do, and Learning About Wi-Fi Sense by Kelly Lynn

Opening large .zip files in Windows If you are happy with the new 4 TB hard drive in your computer and believe that it's adequate for anything you could ever need, you might find that Windows disagrees. In at least one common Windows task, you could find that the operating system asks for a little more space -- 2 or 3 exabytes. Since an EB is 1 million TB, you could find it hard to help the problem. Windows usually comes up with ridiculous demands for space when attempting to open very large zip files -- ones containing a couple of dozen gigabytes' worth of files. The problem lies in the stock Windows Compressed Folders program, a product that is severely limited, and is meant for small, everyday jobs, rather … Continue reading