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Should You Stop Buying Computers With Pre-Installed Operating Systems? by Kelly Lynn

  Most laptops and desktops sold today come with the latest version of Windows or Linux loaded. Selling computers with pre-installed operating systems did start off as a good idea -- users could get up and running the moment they took their new machines out of their boxes. Over time, though, manufacturers began to see an opportunity worth exploiting in each unit that they sold: they realized that they could sell all that empty hard disk space to any software vendor who wished to put in a trial of their software in return for payment. This has proven to be an annoyance to users. If you buy such a laptop, you need to spend time clearing up the space-hogging software that you don't need. These days, computer makers have moved … Continue reading

Try Breaking into Your Own Computer to Test How Safe You Are by Kelly Lynn

  If a login password is the only thing that keeps your computer safe from prying eyes, how confident can you be that you are safe? The answer is, in most cases, with the right software, it takes no more than a couple of minutes to break into a computer. If you'd like to find out how vulnerable your computer is, you should try the following methods on it. If they easily work, you'll know that you need to raise the level of protection that your computer gets. The easiest way - getting a live Linux disc The usual way to run an operating system is to obtain a CD with an installer on it, and to install it on the computer's internal storage. It's possible to skip the installation … Continue reading

If You’re Moving to Linux, Should You Choose Ubuntu? by Kelly Lynn

  If you're interested in trying Linux, Ubuntu is probably the distribution at the top of your list; it's one of the best-known versions of Linux out there. Ubuntu, though, has been sporting a new user interface lately. Called the Unity Desktop design, it has turned many longtime users away. The designers behind Ubuntu are now simply more focused on catering to mobile phone users rather traditional computer users. If you need a conventional operating system for your desktop or laptop, it could be time to look elsewhere: Linux Mint is a traditional version of Linux that does not mess with experimental interfaces. If this is your first time with Linux, you should look closely at giving Mint a try. Ubuntu is full of unnecessary innovations While Ubuntu is an … Continue reading

Getting the Best Network-Attached Storage for Your Home by Kelly Lynn

  If you have lots of content on the hard drive on your computer and would like others in the house or in your place of business to be able to share it, you would usually need to set up permissions on your computer. You would also need to keep your computer running at all times, simply so that people can access the content on it. There's smarter way to do this -- NAS or Network-Attached Storage. This is technology that allows you to connect just a storage device to a network, and have access available to all computers sharing that network. You can even connect to it over the Internet. NAS technology is available in a number of designs for different needs. Before you buy a NAS device, you … Continue reading

The Way You Buy Windows is Set to Change by Kelly Lynn

  Each copy of Windows that Microsoft sells is permanently attached to the specific computer that it is installed on. It would appear, then, that Microsoft's approach is machine-centric -- that it means to support each machine that its products are installed on, not unlike the way iOS devices are always on the latest version. Yet, Microsoft limits its support to each Windows computer to the specific version on it. If you need a new version on that computer, you pay full price all over again. Microsoft's approach, then, is a mixed-up one. Microsoft is changing its approach Microsoft believes that the next version of Windows will be so new, it'll warrant more than a single step up in version number -- it's getting two steps up to version 10. … Continue reading

Finding Out Which Internet Service Provider to Go To by Kelly Lynn

Not every neighborhood has access to multiple Internet service providers. If yours does have more than one, you'll find yourself in the happy position of having the two compete to provide the best service. How do you know which one offers the best speed? It won't do to simply look at their advertisements to find out what speeds they offer you. They tend to exaggerate. You'll need to look for proof of what they actually deliver. Where do you find real-world data? A number of sources exist. The Google Video Quality Report Google is in a position to judge the quality of every ISP - more than 25% of America's Internet use is on its YouTube property. The Google Video Quality Report shows real-world results for which ISPs have the … Continue reading