Accessing the Full List of ‘Send To’ Options in Windows 7


Windows 7 offers a convenient option in the right-click menu called ‘Send To,’ which does exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to choose from a list of places to send the right-clicked file or folder to. For example, you could right click a collection of recently worked on project files on your desktop and send them to your default email program to get that project sent in before your deadline instead of having to attach them internally from within the email.

The options that are generally shown under the ‘Send To’ option are Compressed Folder (for creating a zipped version of the file/folder), Desktop (create a shortcut), Fax or Mail recipient (to send it to someone), or your DVD or CD drive if you are trying to burn a CD or save files to a disc. However, these are not truly all the possibilities of the ‘Send To’ option. There is a way to expand this and find some secret options that can be applied in many more convenient ways.

Instead of simply right-clicking an item to send it, hold down the Shift key while you right click, and then go to the ‘Send To’ option. The menu of options that appears will be much larger. It includes the original options but adds other things such as My Documents, your music and picture folders, and the Downloads folder. It will also show any external drives that are currently hooked up to your PC, so if you have a flash drive that you need to put a bunch of files onto you can simply use the ‘Send To’ option to directly put them there.

Even when you use the shift click to access the secret lengthier list, it still limits it to preset options. It is possible to go even further and fully customize the ‘Send To’ options so that it always shows those you want without the need of the Shift key and also so you can add other preferred folders and destinations that aren’t preset. To do this, open up the browser of your computer (not internet browser; something like My Computer) and type “shell:sendto” into the location bar. This brings up the Send To folder, which will give the shorter list of options that is shown when you only right-click. From here you can drag shortcuts of folders and other places into the list that you’d like to be able to easily right-click and send files to.

With this knowledge at hand, you have the ability to move files, organize and get things done with more efficiency and convenience than ever before.

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