Chrome Tips and Tricks

Fun Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Browser by Kelly Lynn

  You can use your mouse to do everything you need on your browser. Yet, using a mouse can often slow you down. If you can click a couple of keys for every common browser-related task, you can usually work far more efficiently. Here are several keyboard shortcuts that you can use on most popular browsers in Windows. S+Right-click on a web image Holding down the S key on your keyboard and right-clicking on any web image does different things in different browsers. On Chrome, it opens a new tab with a reverse image search for the image on Google. While you could do the same thing with a right-click and selecting Search Google for this image , the keyboard shortcut is faster. On Firefox and Safari, the same keyboard … Continue reading

Do You Really Use the Latest Version of Chrome? by Kelly Lynn

  If you have the standard Chrome browser that everyone uses, you only get to experience the best features that Google thought of months earlier. If you would like to try very latest that Chrome has -- 64-bit processing, HTML 5 and so on -- you'll need to step out of your comfort zone and try a version that's under development -- or, in Google's lingo, an under-development channel. You may need to put up with a bit of instability in the process. It could be worth it, though. You'd get to be on the cutting edge of browser technology. Google's different channels for Chrome Google makes Chrome available in four channels. The public launch channel, the one that most people run, is named the Stable channel. The three under-development channels are named Beta, Dev and Canary. … Continue reading

Is Your Chrome Crashing All the Time? by Kelly Lynn

  As stable a browser as Google Chrome is, it does occasionally suffer from crashes. When this happens, Chrome puts out a blank browser window with a humorous picture and a jokey line that goes something like Aw, snap! or He's dead, Jim! . You shouldn't have to see these crashes occur often - no more than once a month or so even if you look at webpages all the time. If you seem to get a couple every day, though, you could have a problem -- one that you can fix. If you haven't been keeping track, Chrome does it for you. You simply need to type the string chrome://crashes into the address bar/Omni box. Right away, you'll get a list of all the crashes that your installation of … Continue reading

Chrome's Special Features to Help You Browse Better on a Mobile Device by Kelly Lynn

  Chrome offers powerful capabilities to help make browsing smoother on mobile devices. These tips below should help you use the browser to the best effect. Using swipe gestures On the iPhone, iPad and on Android phones, Chrome recognizes special swipe gestures that allow you to easily move among open tabs. The gestures recognized are different for different devices, though. On Android phones, you simply need to flick your finger left or right on the browser window to move among open tabs. On Apple devices, you need to do the swiping at the edge of the screen. Curiously, Google doesn't implement any of these swipe gestures on Android tablets. Switching among different tabs on Chrome is easy on all phones Tapping Chrome's tab button lets you view all your open … Continue reading

Can the Websites That You Open on Chrome Use Your Camera to Spy on You? by Kelly Lynn

  In January 2014, Google was informed of new Chrome vulnerability that could allow any website to turn the microphone or camera on your computer on and spy on you. Google hasn't so far taken the vulnerability seriously. If you aren't comfortable with having this security hole on Chrome, here's what you can do. How does this vulnerability work? Any time you give permission to websites to access your camera or microphone, Chrome makes a permanent record of your preference - every page on that website will be able to access your camera and microphone any time you visit in the future. This is a threat not because the website could suddenly decide to go rogue one day and begin to listen in on your conversations, but because it could … Continue reading

How to Use RAM Disk to Speed Up Your Web Browsing Experience by admin

  Most computer users with a moderate level of technical understanding recognize the term virtual memory or page file . RAM is cheap today - skimping on your RAM wouldn't save you much money. When RAM was expensive 5 years ago, though, putting a computer together with 1 GB on-board made sense. Since Windows still needs a substantial amount of RAM to function smoothly, it is designed to improvise - it sets a section of the hard disk aside and uses it as if it were RAM. This is the computer's virtual memory. While this method works, it slows the computer down since. RAM disk is the exact opposite of virtual memory. While using virtual memory requires making the computer believe that the hard disk is actually RAM, using RAM … Continue reading

If Your Laptop Is on the Internet on a Tethered Connection, How Do You Keep Your Data Use Down? by Kelly Lynn

  Ten years ago, when many people were still stuck with dial-up connections, webpages were lightweight at no more than 1 MB each. Now that broadband is widely available both to home and office users, webpages have blown up into elaborate, multiple-megabyte designs to take advantage of the available speed. Complex webpages turn out to be a problem when you need to view them on a laptop that connects to the Internet over a tethered smartphone connection. If every webpage you open gobbles up 20 MB of your phone’s data limit, you’ll soon find yourself having to pay data overages. What you need is a way to make sure that the webpages you visit don’t use much data. Here are the best ways to achieve this aim. Stop videos and … Continue reading

6 Google Chrome Extensions for Better Browsing by Kelly Lynn

  Google’s fast, customizable web browser, Chrome, has built up a huge following since its initial release in 2008. Chrome enthusiasts list a multitude of reasons why they prefer Google’s web browsing experience to names like Firefox or Explorer. One of the best features available to Chrome users has to be the availability of extensions. Similar to Mozilla’s add-ons, extensions are a way to improve your entire browsing experience. Here’s a look at six completely free extensions you should look into: Fireshot If you’re looking for the ultimate screenshot tool, Fireshot is sure to quickly become one of your favorites. You can choose exactly what you want to capture: the visible portion of a web page, the entire page, including any information you can’t see, or just the portion you … Continue reading

Parental Controls and Popular Browsers by Kelly Lynn

  Computers are a fact of life today. For many parents who didn’t grow up with the World Wide Web at their fingertips, the notion that their child needs to use the internet for everything from homework and research projects to gaming and socializing is a daunting one. After all, no one wants their little one stumbling on something they shouldn’t see while online. Even so, many parents are hesitant to set up parental controls – worrying that it might slow down their computer’s performance or be complicated to create. The truth is, there are easy steps you can take to bolster control over what your children see on the internet that won’t interfere with your online speed or performance. Just remember, nothing takes the place of parental supervision. Internet … Continue reading

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Chrome by Kelly Lynn

  It’s arguably the most important piece of software on your computer: your web browser. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to search, read your email, check sports scores or chat with your friends. Today, you have several options in browsers, including Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. But with maximized screen real estate, increased speed, and plenty of safety features, Google’s Chrome is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices among savvy internet users. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Chrome experience: 1. Reopen Recently Closed Tabs There are few things as frustrating as accidentally closing a tab that you still need open. Luckily Chrome has a way to reopen a tab you’ve closed by mistake. Simply right click on the … Continue reading