Chromium Tips and Tricks

If You Like Google Chrome, How Does Chromium Grab You? by Kelly Lynn

When Google Chrome launched in 2008 with its colorful "3-D hockey puck" logo, most people didn't realize that there was another Google browser launch alongside of it -- Chromium, a nearly identical browser with a nearly identical logo (the same hockey puck, in a nearly colorless ice blue). Chromium is the Chrome browser that tech types and developers interested in the technical side of Chrome use -- it's where Google puts cutting-edge features before they are ready for public release. Chromium is otherwise identical to Chrome. There's one other difference - while Chrome is proprietary, Chromium is open source - the code is viewable, and is modifiable. To anyone interested in the code that makes chrome take, a look at chromium can be very interesting. Why have two different kinds … Continue reading