Cloudy: Using a Gmail Extension to Attach Files From Cloud Storage


Online cloud storage systems are a great way to save time and space when it comes to uploading files, documents and even photos and images. For Gmail users, the Google Drive cloud also makes it simple to email those files to friends and family with a few clicks. Other cloud storage systems, however, aren’t quite as Gmail friendly. Luckily, there’s a Google Chrome extension designed just for Gmail users that want to easily attach and email files from cloud storage sites like Dropbox, FTP, Box, Picasa, and more.

If you haven’t already, head over to the Google Chrome Store and download the extension called “Cloudy for Google Chrome”. The next time you open up your Gmail account, there will be a new cloud icon in the compose window. You’re now set to start using Cloudy, which is an extension that not only allows you to quickly send files from not only your cloud storage, but any web URL, your computer’s hard drive, and your other emails as well.

When you’re ready to send your file, click on compose and click the cloud icon. A pop-up window will appear, listing the different services that Cloudy supports. From the menu, choose the cloud storage account where your file is located. Cloudy may ask you if you give authorization the first time you use it. Once you’ve authorized Cloudy to access your storage system, you’ll see a list of all your folders and files within that system.

Choose the file you want, and then select the Upload button. Keep in mind that you can choose files from your computer or an Internet URL from the same menu. After you hit Upload, the file will be downloaded as an email attachment within your Gmail message. Now you’re ready to compose your email and send it off.