PC Unleashed Suite

The PC Unleashed Suite helps boost the performance of a slow computer without requiring any technical know-how or having to be computer-savy. In addition to improving the speed of your computer through a set of free and paid tools, the suite helps you maintain an optimized state through its easy to use interface and scanner.

PC Unleashed Suite - Start Diagnostic

Speed & Performance Tools

  • Decide which programs YOU want launched when you turn your computer on.
  • Optimize running processes and identify and kill the malicious ones.
  • Restore disk efficiency by defragging fragmented hard drives.
  • Easily manage your web browser's add-ons, plugins and other objects.
  • Learn how PC Unleashed Suite can speed up your computer.

Privacy Tools

  • Delete history and cache for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • Chat programs - Skype, Google Talk, Messenger, Trillian and more.
  • Media programs - Windows Media Player, VLC, Quicktime, DivX and more.
  • Other popular applications - P2P, Office, Email, Desktop Search, and more.

File Management Tools

Customize the Features You Want

The suite comes with a customizable dashboard so you can choose which tools you'd like to display on the home screen when you first launch the application. PC Unleashed Suite - Home screen

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Win Windows XP, Vista and 7