Bluetooth Drivers Troubleshooter

The PC Unleashed Suite is a complete set of tools for keeping your system running smoothly. The device driver feature automatically scans your system for problems and checks whether or not you are using the latest official Bluetooth Drivers. Once it has detected an outdated, missing or corrupted Bluetooth Driver, it will instantly update your computer so that it uses the newest, most compatible version.

Installation Steps

  1. Click here to download PC Unleashed Suite
    Note: Updating missing drivers requires a fee.
  2. Click "Save File" to save the PC Unleashed Installer to your computer
  3. Click the download 'pc unleashed installer.exe'
  4. If a dialog box comes up asking you to allow PC Unleashed Installer access to your computer, click 'Yes'
  5. After the program has installed and launched, click the circular "Start" button as shown in the screenshot below.
PC Unleashed Suite - Start Diagnostic
  Note: Updating missing drivers requires a fee.

How Bluetooth Drivers get updated with PC Unleashed

  • PC Unleashed scans your system and external devices to determine what Bluetooth devices you have.
  • It then identifies any outdated, corrupted or missing Bluetooth drivers.
  • From its massive database of over 10 million device drivers, it finds the newest, most compatible Bluetooth driver that aligns with your Bluetooth hardware.
  • The software then automatically creates a restore point so you can roll back your drivers and system if ever desired.
  • PC Unleashed then downloads the most compatible and up-to-date Bluetooth driver and updates your system accordingly.

Download Now

Note: Updating missing drivers requires a fee.

Other Amazing Tools Included in the Suite

Speed & Performance Tools

  • Decide which programs YOU want launched when you turn your computer on.
  • Optimize running processes and identify and kill the malicious ones.
  • Restore disk efficiency by defragging your hard drives.
  • Easily manage your web browser's add-ons, plugins and other objects.

Privacy Tools

  • Delete history and cache instantly for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
  • Chat programs - Skype, Google Talk, Messenger, Trillian and more.
  • Media programs - Windows Media Player, VLC, Quicktime, DivX and more.
  • Other popular applications - P2P, Office, Email, Desktop Search, and more.

File Management Tools

  • Open unknown file types by having our file extension manager suggest appropriate applications.
  • Find duplicate files and save valuable hard drive space.
  • Recover your computer to a previous state or free the space up by removing old restore points.
... and much, much more!

Download the PC Unleashed Suite!

Note: Updating missing drivers requires a fee.