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The PC Unleashed Suite is your complete, all-in-one toolset for fixing all of the most common computer problems. The suite includes an impressive combination of tools including a defragger, registry cleaner, privacy scanner, device driver updater and spyware remover: Just one scan will unleash all of these features leaving your PC problems behind you! In addition to all of these features, PC Unleashed has so many additional tools for specific jobs like optimizing your computer, finding duplicate files, managing your start-up programs and more - these will help restore your computer's performance so it runs like new!

The PC Unleashed Suite produces a safe, fast, and error-free computer!
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For Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Defrag Your Hard Drive
Whenever you save files, install programs or surf the Internet, data is written to your hard drive. You can now defragment your hard drive which will safely reorganize the data. This will result in faster computer as it takes less time for your data to be retrieved.

Fix Errors and Corruptions
The PC Unleashed Scanner will automatically fix errors found in the Windows registry, repair corrupted drivers, re-associate misconfigured file extensions, and fix various other issues which are causing problems.

Speed Up and Optimize
Over time your computer becomes more and more sluggish. Boosting computer performance is an important feature of any good system utility. PC Unleashed takes care of this by tweaking Windows settings which free up memory and hard drive space.

Remove Unnecessary Processes
Your PC has many programs which run in parallel. Some processes are not needed while others are malicious ones that hog up memory. PC Unleashed will kill malicious processes and free up memory that is unnecessarily being occupied.

Manage Windows Startup
When you turn on your computer or restart Windows, many programs boot up including ones that you don't need. You can now control which items startup so that you only have the ones you use or need (anti-virus) load up by default.

Find Duplicate Files
Duplicate files can take up valuable disk space, especially if they are large in size (high resolution photos, music, movies, etc.) Now you can free up hard drive space by locating duplicate files and deciding if you'd like to delete one.

Tweak and Customize Scans
You can customize the scanner to do as much or as little as you'd like. If certain items are detected that you don't want included in future scans, you can choose to ignore them. What you'd like tweaked is fully configurable but the scanners defaults are recommended.

Manage Restore Points
Managing restore points is a valuable performance-related task that is under valued. Every restore point takes up huge amounts of memory due to the data that is backed up. You can now choose to delete restore data from points in time you know you'd never want to revert back to.

Clean Out Browser Junk
Over time your web browser can become cluttered with unnecessary toolbars and plugins which decrease your Internet's performance. You can now safely clean up your browser and improve website load time.

Update Outdated Drivers
Your computer uses things like a printer, mouse and sound card. These and all other devices use drivers to function correctly. Manufacturers release updates to these drivers which you are unaware of. These updates improve performance and fix reported problems. The PC Unleashed scanner will check your hardware and download the latest drivers to keep your devices up to date.

Control Your Privacy
Due to the vast number of applications and websites people use nowadays, ensuring your computer use is kept private is important. The privacy feature of the scanner can clear the history and cache for all of your programs at once - this includes all of your different browsers, chat programs, office software, media players and P2P applications.

Download and Fix Debug Errors in Under 2 Minutes

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  2. Click "Save File" to save the PC Unleashed Installer to your computer
  3. Click the download 'pc unleashed installer.exe'
  4. If a dialog box comes up asking you to allow PC Unleashed Installer access to your computer, click 'Yes'
  5. After the program has installed and launched, click the circular "Start" button to begin the diagnosing.