Firefox One Click Bookmarking


If you’ve used just about any browser to surf the web, then chances are you know a little bit about bookmarking. A bookmark allows you to automatically save a site you’re visiting so you can go directly to it later by selecting from a list of bookmarks. In the past when you wanted to bookmark a page you had to click the bookmark button on a tool bar and then enter in the URL of a page directly. You could then sift through your list of bookmarks and go directly to a bookmarked site from there.

Although bookmarking is simple enough Mozilla Firefox has taken the feature and made it even more simple to use by introducing a concept (that many others have adopted since) called “One Click Bookmarking.” This is only one of the many features that Firefox has introduced over the years. One click bookmarking is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of having to enter the URL tag of your website into a bookmark directory, one click bookmarking allows you to click on one simple option to bookmark a page.

This works out perfectly for people who don’t have an extra second to spare. Even though entering a URL sounds simple enough for some people every second counts and this feature cuts those seconds down exponentially. When browsing with the Mozilla Firefox browser, guide yourself to the website you intend to bookmark using whatever search engine you prefer.

Once you’ve arrived at the designated look up to the URL field on the top of your page. To the right of the URL you’ll notice a star. That star is the one click bookmark option. Once you’ve clicked on the star it will turn gold, this means that the site you’re currently viewing has been saved to your list of bookmarked sites. If you click on the gold star a second time it will open up a small menu. This menu allows you to rename the site or remove the site from your bookmarks. This comes in handy if the name of a website is convoluted and hard to understand, because you can name the site on your bookmarks allowing you to know exactly what you’re viewing.

Since Mozilla Firefox added their one click book mark option other browsers such as Google Chrome, the latest versions of Internet Explorer and many other browsers have adopted the feature but Mozilla Firefox is the originator of both the one click bookmark and the star button that activates it. Bookmarking sites saves a great deal of time and research especially if one has come across something obscure on the internet and would have no way of remembering the URL or even the keywords that got them there. Bookmarking and especially one click bookmarking allow the user to find whatever site they need again at a moments notice. This comes in handy if one reached a page through a series of links from other pages, or if one is researching something and has come across obscure data that they wouldn’t be able to remember the location of otherwise.