Firefox Tips and Tricks

Fun Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Browser by Kelly Lynn

  You can use your mouse to do everything you need on your browser. Yet, using a mouse can often slow you down. If you can click a couple of keys for every common browser-related task, you can usually work far more efficiently. Here are several keyboard shortcuts that you can use on most popular browsers in Windows. S+Right-click on a web image Holding down the S key on your keyboard and right-clicking on any web image does different things in different browsers. On Chrome, it opens a new tab with a reverse image search for the image on Google. While you could do the same thing with a right-click and selecting Search Google for this image , the keyboard shortcut is faster. On Firefox and Safari, the same keyboard … Continue reading

How to Save Flash Games From the Internet to Your Computer by Kelly Lynn

  Online games are one of the most addicting aspects of the Internet. Of those games, Flash games comprise a large number. While you can access and play them just fine while you are connected to the internet, what about when you don't have an internet connection? What if the site hosting the games gets taken down, or the user deletes the game? Fortunately you can download these games to your computer for offline use, but going about it requires some tinkering with your web browser of choice. To download Flash games with Firefox, first navigate to the webpage hosting the game. When the page loads, right-click anywhere on the page. Do not click on the game, only somewhere on the page. There will be a selection of options available … Continue reading

If Your Laptop Is on the Internet on a Tethered Connection, How Do You Keep Your Data Use Down? by Kelly Lynn

  Ten years ago, when many people were still stuck with dial-up connections, webpages were lightweight at no more than 1 MB each. Now that broadband is widely available both to home and office users, webpages have blown up into elaborate, multiple-megabyte designs to take advantage of the available speed. Complex webpages turn out to be a problem when you need to view them on a laptop that connects to the Internet over a tethered smartphone connection. If every webpage you open gobbles up 20 MB of your phone’s data limit, you’ll soon find yourself having to pay data overages. What you need is a way to make sure that the webpages you visit don’t use much data. Here are the best ways to achieve this aim. Stop videos and … Continue reading

The Best Firefox Extensions for Students by Kelly Lynn

  Whether it’s grad school, junior high, or anything in between, there’s no denying that the face of student life has changed significantly. Today’s student has to push harder and study smarter in order to compete in an age of information overload. And a big part of the modern student’s repertoire is their internet browser. It’s the gateway to homework, research, and a myriad of other activities – educational and social. For students using Firefox as their web browser, Mozilla’s vast library of extensions makes it a vital tool in making the most out of your school year. Here’s a look at some of the best Firefox extensions for students: Reminderfox If you’re looking for a streamlined, easy-to-use calendar application, Reminderfox is probably your best bet. It’s a great extension … Continue reading

Parental Controls and Popular Browsers by Kelly Lynn

  Computers are a fact of life today. For many parents who didn’t grow up with the World Wide Web at their fingertips, the notion that their child needs to use the internet for everything from homework and research projects to gaming and socializing is a daunting one. After all, no one wants their little one stumbling on something they shouldn’t see while online. Even so, many parents are hesitant to set up parental controls – worrying that it might slow down their computer’s performance or be complicated to create. The truth is, there are easy steps you can take to bolster control over what your children see on the internet that won’t interfere with your online speed or performance. Just remember, nothing takes the place of parental supervision. Internet … Continue reading

5 Ways to Get More Out of Firefox by Kelly Lynn

  When it comes to choosing a browser, most people will site speed and ease of use as their top deciding factors. With that in mind, Mozilla Firefox remains a strong favorite for many savvy internet users. And while Firefox is great as-is, there are some simple tips and tricks that you can start using today to make your web experience that much more gratifying. Here’s a look at five ways to make Firefox faster, more efficient, and infinitely cooler: Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts are some of the easiest ways to shave time off your internet browsing. It may take you a little time to get comfortable using them, but once you do, you’ll appreciate spending time on the learning curve. Here are some of the most useful: Shift + … Continue reading

How to Delete Your Firefox History: Browsing, Searches, and Downloads by Kelly Lynn

  When using a shared or public computer, it’s often necessary to leave no trails of your navigation history. Firefox remembers information about you when you surf the web, such as visited sites, cookies, downloads, and preferences. If you want to clear your history, follow these steps: 1. Click on the ”Tools“ menu. 2. Click on ”Clear recent history“. 3. A window will pop up where you can choose the time range to delete. 4. Click on ”Details“ to select what you wish to remove. 5. After selecting items for removal, click on ”Clear now“. If you frequently need to delete your navigation history, you can save time by configuring Firefox to delete history after closing. This is done as follows: 1. Click on the ”Edit“ menu. 2. Click on … Continue reading

Configure Your Home Page in Firefox and Save Time by Kelly Lynn

  Browsing the web in an efficient manner can save you a lot of time and increase your productivity. Firefox allows you to customize it so you begin your navigation just where you want it. You can select a single or multiple websites as your home page or continue where you left last time. Here’s how to do this. - Choose a single website as your home page: 1. Open the site you’ve chosen as your home page in a new window. 2. Click on the small icon on the left of the address bar. 3. Drag it to the ”Home“ icon on the right. 4. When prompted, click ”Yes“. - Choose multiple websites as your home page: 1. Open all the desired sites in separate tabs. 2. Click on … Continue reading

Customize Your Experience Through Firefox Add-Ons by Kelly Lynn

  Personalizing your browser is a great way to save time and make your job easier. If you’re using Firefox, you can customize it to your needs using add-ons, which are small applications that provide extra functionality. There are two ways to install add-ons in your computer: through an official website or through the add-ons manager. - To install add-ons through Firefox website: 1. Search for the term “Firefox add-ons” in the search engine of your preference and follow the link to the official Mozilla website. 2. Browse through the existing complements until you find something you like. You may also use the search function in the page. 3. Select an add-on and click on the “add to Firefox” button on the right. 4. The add-on will begin downloading immediately … Continue reading

How to Adjust Privacy Settings in Firefox by Kelly Lynn

When surfing the web, it’s important to avoid putting yourself in a vulnerable position.  Your privacy can easily be compromised when anyone with access to your computer looks at your browsing history or the “cookies” that various sites automatically install on your hard drive. There are various ways to protect your web-browsing privacy with Firefox.  This tutorial will walk you through three of the most common. Managing privacy through Firefox Options: Click on the Tools menu in Firefox, and then click on Options.  In the top menu bar of the Options window that comes up, click on Privacy.   Figure 1. Firefox Options window.  The Privacy tab is selected.   Here, you have a number of options for adjusting your privacy settings: Tracking: Clicking this check box will alert certain … Continue reading