Five Android Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Although you might be thinking that you have all the apps that you need on your Android phone, there are some really useful apps that you might have never found the need for. But they are going to be real useful when you start using them. Here are five great apps that will enhance your Android experience:


1. Grooveshark: Your Android phone is one of your primary music devices. It’s great to listen to music on your phone, but wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t have to download every song and stream them instead? In fact, wouldn’t it be totally mind-blowing if you could listen to every song in the world for free? lets you do exactly just that. The mobile app for the site, however, isn’t on the Play Store or App Store. Go to to get the app, and you won’t have to download any song again.


2. Wallet: Unlike your bank account, It is sometimes really hard to track all the money that goes in and out of your wallet. You may not remember spending money on something and then when you check your wallet later you may wonder where all the money went. Wallet is a great app that lets you record all the cash transactions you make. It lets you add records of income or expense and you can view your current balance. It even lets you view all your transactions visually in a neat pie-chart and lets you set various budgets for all the things you’ll be spending on. It is a really useful app that essential for anyone who does cash transactions on a daily basis.


3. AVG Antivirus: Unlike the days of old, today’s smartphones are very much like computers. And it is very much possible for your phone to be infected with a virus or financial information being stolen. Although this might never happen, it is very much recommended to install a mobile internet security suite on your phone, the most popular of which is AVG Antivirus. Once you install it, the app sits in the background and you mostly will never have to open it. Hence it is not very intrusive and doesn’t disturb your daily activities. So go ahead and install AVG to avoid feeling sorry later.


4. MightyText: What this app allows you to do is SMS from your computer or tablet using your Android phone number. The whole thing is synced across all devices through the internet. As long as your computer/tablet and Android phone stay connected, all you need to do is open the MightyText app on your computer/tablet and start texting! It doesn’t take long to install the required software and app is tremendously useful.


5. �Torrent: If you are into torrents and you are into Android, this is the app for you. Using this app, you can download torrents directly on your Android phone. There is absolutely no speed or size limit for your downloads and you can even download that really large torrent on some public WiFi or maybe even your office network!