Gmail Tips and Tricks

Here's What You Can Do with All That Free Cloud Storage Space by Kelly Lynn

    Only 10 years ago, until Gmail came along with then unheard-of offer of 1 GB of free online space, most email services offered around 5 MB. Many wondered how Gmail could afford to be as generous. The answer lay in the size of the attachments it allowed: no file could be larger than 25 MB, at most. With this size limitation, they made sure that most people didn't actually use the space they were given. Fast-forwarding to the present Today, many cloud storage services give away 1 TB of free space online. These offers are nothing, though, compared to what you get with accounts on Baidu or Tencent ( ). These Chinese tech giants want to get people to switch to them, just the way Gmail did … Continue reading

Can Anyone on Google+ Now Send You Email Through Gmail? by Kelly Lynn

  Have you ever looked around on the Internet for the email ID of someone important and come up with nothing more than their Google+ profile? As hard as you might have looked around on their Google+ profile, though, you're unlikely to have turned up their Gmail ID - all Google+ has traditionally allowed you is the ability to contact the person you're looking for through a Google+ message. In January 2014, Google+ came up with a feature to help with this problem - one that will probably get people earnestly discussing social networks and privacy issues all over again. It allows anyone arriving on your Google+ account to send you an email directly to your Gmail inbox (rather than your Google+ account). It won't matter that you've never shared … Continue reading

Have Trouble Keeping Up With Multiple Email Accounts? How About Setting Up Mail Forwarding? by Kelly Lynn

  Many people need to continue to stay with their first email accounts from years ago. It's the ID that all their friends and family have. Old email IDs from one's salad days, though, often tend to be named in fun ways that can seem hard to justify at 30. As adults, they need professional, grown-up email IDs to use with employers, business partners. The easiest solution would be to create a different account for your professional contacts and continue using your previous one for friends and family. Checking multiple accounts each day can be a waste of time, though. There's a way out - you simply need to set up all your email accounts to forward all arrivals to their inboxes to a single email ID. Once you set … Continue reading

Reading Emails in Plain Text by Kelly Lynn

  By default, most email clients will deliver your emails in HTML mode. Of course, there are times when you may want to read your missives in plain text. Whether it’s because you’re concerned about security or you simply want to see how your letter reads in a plain text version, here’s how to read your emails in plain text in different email clients. (Please note, Yahoo Mail no longer comes with the option to view your mail in plain text.) Thunderbird Thunderbird is probably one of the easiest email clients when it comes to converting your messages to plain text. All you need to do is go to View and then Message Body As from the Menu bar. From there, select Plain Text, and your emails will all appear … Continue reading

Cloudy: Using a Gmail Extension to Attach Files From Cloud Storage by Kelly Lynn

  Online cloud storage systems are a great way to save time and space when it comes to uploading files, documents and even photos and images. For Gmail users, the Google Drive cloud also makes it simple to email those files to friends and family with a few clicks. Other cloud storage systems, however, aren’t quite as Gmail friendly. Luckily, there’s a Google Chrome extension designed just for Gmail users that want to easily attach and email files from cloud storage sites like Dropbox, FTP, Box, Picasa, and more. If you haven’t already, head over to the Google Chrome Store and download the extension called “Cloudy for Google Chrome”. The next time you open up your Gmail account, there will be a new cloud icon in the compose window. You’re … Continue reading

Creating and Using Gmail Filters by Kelly Lynn

  Filters, like labels, color coding, and starring are an integrated email tool within Google’s Gmail. Once you learn how to navigate the Gmail filter system, it quickly becomes one of the easiest ways to manage and organize your inbox. If you’ve never worked with Gmail filters before, a good place to start is by sorting emails by sender: Open any email. (This filtering system works best if you have multiple emails from the same senders) Once you have an email open, look in the upper right corner. Next to the Reply link, you will find a drop down arrow. Clicking this arrow will display a menu of available actions for this particular email. Scroll down to Filter Messages Like This and click on the link. This will open a … Continue reading

Organizing Your Gmail With Custom Labels by Kelly Lynn

  Users of Google’s email tool will agree: the best part about using Gmail is the ability to personalize your experience. And one of the best ways to organize and customize your email time is to create custom labels and filters. And luckily, it’s easy and quick to get yourself coordinated. For starters, Gmail comes equipped with some pre-made labels. Select a category like Work, Receipts, or Travel to quickly sort your emails into the proper place. Hunting down a flight confirmation, office expense sheet, invoice, or meeting notes is simple as clicking on that label and finding what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds. To take the concept a step further, you can create custom labels within your Gmail account. With a varied selection of labels, it’s … Continue reading

Creating Aliases for Your Gmail Account by Kelly Lynn

  When it comes to your email, few things are as frustrating as not knowing how your email is being used. Sign up for a few newsletters, blogs, or subscriptions (or do some shopping online) and you may suddenly see an influx of unwanted email or spam. Most people simply resign themselves to this as a fact of life, since they have no way to know where the wayward emails are coming from. However, if you’re using Gmail as your email provider, there is a way to keep track of your emails by creating several aliases for the same account. No need to worry about signing up for different email addresses or accounts, either. This trick is a great way to track the sources of any emails that you sign … Continue reading

Getting the Most From Gmail by Kelly Lynn

  Google’s email utility, Gmail, has quickly become one of the most popular ways for keeping in touch on the internet. More than just another email server, Gmail is actually a powerful communication tool. Unfortunately, even those who are already using Google for their email needs don’t realize just how many features are literally at their fingertips. Here’s a look at a few ways to make the most of your Gmail account: Backup Your Gmail Inbox Keeping a backup of your email inbox can be a great way to access messages you accidentally got rid of or can simply no longer find. Luckily, Gmail allows you to set up an automatic way to forward all of your messages to another email service. Having a copy of your inbox available in … Continue reading