iOS Tips and Tricks

Extending Battery Life on iOS 7 by Kelly Lynn

  iOS 7 is a visually appealing update with plenty of great features. These enhancements, though, tend to eat up battery life. If your device seems to have a hard time staying alive through the end of each day, here are tips on what you can do. Turn off the parallax The parallax feature on iOS 7 makes any wallpaper you choose gently roll left or right, as you tilt the device one way or the other. The gimmick offers an interesting 3-D effect, not unlike the kind offered by the lenticular 3-D postcards of the 70s. The special effect, though, comes at a cost -- it uses battery power-intensive sensors such as the gyroscope and the accelerometer a lot. To turn off parallax to save on battery power, you … Continue reading

Wondering How to Print From an iOS Device? by Kelly Lynn

  Printing from an iOS device doesn't work exactly the way printing from a computer does. To begin, you can't install a driver on an iOS device. How are you supposed to connect to a printer? Here are a few possibilities. AirPrint All iOS devices have Apple's proprietary AirPrint printing protocol included. If you have an AirPrint-enabled wireless printer, it's easy to assign it to print anything you want. You simply need to select a file and then select Print. The file gets sent to the printer right away. If you don't have an AirPrint printer, a new one costs no more than $70 or so. When both your iOS device and printer are on the same Wi-Fi network, the printer will show up in your print options. There is … Continue reading

Which Is the Fastest Browser on iOS? You’ll Never Guess by Kelly Lynn

  If you use an iOS mobile device, you aren't restricted to using the Safari browser - Apple allows you to use any one of several alternatives - Chrome, Opera, Photon, Dolphin and so on. Hoping for an improved performance, many iPhone, iPad and iPod users enthusiastically try these out and report that one or the other performs much better than Safari, too. They would be very disappointed if they knew the truth about iOS browsers - they simply can't be better than Safari. Apple's developer policies restrict them to using inferior software. Meanwhile Safari gets the latest and greatest. This is the reason why browser makers consider withdrawing from the iOS platform. Firefox has done it. The first problem: all browsers need to employ the Safari rendering engine A … Continue reading

Keep Your Smartphone Safe From Spies by Kelly Lynn

  Our smartphones hold more personal information on us than any other device that we use. It is information that could easily fall into the hands of a con artist if the phone is stolen one day. The thief could quickly learn a great deal about you by looking at your address book, your messages, images and browser history. He could learn where you live, where you work, who your friends are and so on. Since a phone is easily misplaced or stolen, it is important to plan in advance for the day it happens. You need to protect yourself from the havoc that the con artist can wreak on your life. Fortunately, a good degree of basic protection isn’t hard to come by. All you need is to tweak … Continue reading

Must Have Apps for New iPad Owners by Kelly Lynn

  For the many happy folks that got the iPad or iPad mini that they’ve been dreaming about this holiday season, loading it up with apps is the source of many hours of joy and entertainment. But if you’ve never navigated the vast world of Apple’s app store before, it can be a confusing prospect. Here’s a look at five apps that will fit in perfectly on any iPad owner’s screen: PhotoShop Express Pictures already look stunning on the iPad’s crystal clear display. But this app from the leader in editing software will take your photos to a whole new level. Straighten, flip, rotate, crop and edit pictures to your heart’s content. You can even add Instagram worthy filters with the swipe of your finger. Of course, major PhotoShop editing … Continue reading

Apps for a Better Workout by Kelly Lynn

  There’s good news for social media junkies looking to get in better shape. More than ever before, apps designed to help you get fit and trim can be downloaded to your smart phone, tablet or computer. Here’s a look at some of the most tech-savvy ways to feel the burn. Just click, install, and get ready to hit the gym or court: Men’s Health Pushup Challenge ($2.99) Designed for the modern dude, the latest app from the popular Men’s Health magazine walks you through 30 variations of the classic push-up. Proven to be a great upper body workout, pushups will help you burn fat and build muscle. Get more out of your time on the floor with a training guide that works for novices and push pros. Runkeeper (Free) … Continue reading

Better Ways to Listen to Music on Your iPhone by Kelly Lynn

  One of the best parts about owning a smart phone is the ability to have all of your entertainment needs literally at your fingertips. Of course, anyone who owns an iPhone knows that filling up all of those gigs of music from the iTunes store can cost a fortune. At about a dollar a download, a single playlist can often cost upwards of fifty dollars. But audiophiles need not fret. There are plenty of alternative options for satisfying your music cravings without breaking the bank. Rhapsody Easily one of the best values in music, a Rhapsody subscription starts at under $10 bucks a month. Pay for a year’s subscription at once and you’ll get twelve months for around $100… a steal compared to iTunes, especially when you consider everything … Continue reading

Taking Panoramic Pictures With Apple’s iOS6 by Kelly Lynn

  Among the many new upgrades that come with Apple’s newest operating system, iOS6, few have been as talked about and anxiously awaited as the camera’s new panorama mode. Available to those with an iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 – as well as newer versions of the iPad – panorama mode is a fun and creative way to capture images in a whole new way. Whether you’re a seasoned photography vet or fumbling around your camera for the first time ever, here are the basics for getting the most from your panoramic shots, along with a few tips and tricks for wowing your friends: Pick your End Points To enable panoramic mode, simply launch the camera. On the top of the screen, you’ll see a button labeled Options. Tap this, … Continue reading

iPhone 4s Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind Away by Kelly Lynn

  Mobile phone users who are not adept in using Apple gadgets often find the iPhone 4s intimidating to use at first. While this device is packed with amazing features and loads of supporting applications, navigation is very challenging and appears as a step back from old conveniences. Here are some iPhone 4s secrets and tips that will give you a better appreciation of the gadget:   1. Reminders Based on Location Wouldn’t it be cool to receive reminders based on where you are and not based on what time it is? You may, for example, need to drop by a bakeshop to purchase a birthday cake prior to going to a birthday party. With the iPhone 4s, all you need to do is to tap on the Reminders application, … Continue reading

How to Increase Your iPhone’s Battery Life by Kelly Lynn

  The iPhone 4s is a nifty little gadget that is capable of performing actions never before seen on a mobile phone. It has a fast processor that can easily compete with CPUs, an improved download speed that is twice as fast as its predecessor, and a powerful virtual assistant named Siri. A common complaint among users, however, is the short battery life and the need to constantly charge. Here are some tips and tricks on how to increase the battery life of your iPhone 4s and get the most out of your gadget.   Choose Between Wi-Fi or 3G Chances are, your iPhone comes with a data plan that provides you with internet connectivity on the go. As such, you won’t need to activate your Wi-Fi because it eats … Continue reading