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Thinking of creating iPad, iPhone, or iPod HTML pages? by Michel Plungjan

A few days ago I received a request to tweak a webpage for the iPhone. The owner had a database composed of multiple screens, many of which were heavily used by iPhone wielders.  He wanted a specific iPhone version with navigational support for page flipping.  30 minutes later I found myself the the murky waters of device dependent web code in search of a html page flipping solution for the iPad. I started googling for 'ipad jquery' terms and quickly found plugins there were tagged 'ipad': Seems there are a few ready-made plugins for jQuery like... iPhone/iPad doubletap event handler Mobile Slideshow jQuery Touchwipe iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Gestures Event jScrollTouch iPhone / iPad scrollable content iPhone Pinch Gestures Multiswipe The touchwipe plugin lead me to the homepage of netCU where … Continue reading