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If You’re Moving to Linux, Should You Choose Ubuntu? by Kelly Lynn

  If you're interested in trying Linux, Ubuntu is probably the distribution at the top of your list; it's one of the best-known versions of Linux out there. Ubuntu, though, has been sporting a new user interface lately. Called the Unity Desktop design, it has turned many longtime users away. The designers behind Ubuntu are now simply more focused on catering to mobile phone users rather traditional computer users. If you need a conventional operating system for your desktop or laptop, it could be time to look elsewhere: Linux Mint is a traditional version of Linux that does not mess with experimental interfaces. If this is your first time with Linux, you should look closely at giving Mint a try. Ubuntu is full of unnecessary innovations While Ubuntu is an … Continue reading

What Do You Do If You Don’t Want Windows, OS X or Linux? by Kelly Lynn

  What do you do if you're not happy with the limited Windows/OS X range that makes up mainstream computing today? If you'd like to run your PC on something different, you can always try Linux. For those who really want to strike out on their own and try something new, though, there are a number of choices. Chrome OS While Google's Chrome OS is a modified version of Linux, its take on it is so different that it qualifies as all-new. Chrome OS runs exactly one program -- the Chrome browser. Whatever you want to do on your Chrome OS computer, you need to do it through the browser window. While the focus on browser-based operation makes Chrome OS unsuitable as a general-purpose computer, it can do most of … Continue reading

Linux is So Easy to Install Now, Anyone Could Try It by Kelly Lynn

  In a television interview in the late 90s, Red Hat founder Bob Young once attempted to defend Linux against criticism that it was hard to install.  The only reason competing products seemed easier, he said, was that no one ever tried installing them by themselves -- computers came with Windows preinstalled. Linux, on the other hand, needed to be installed manually. Ever since XP, though, Windows has been so well designed, even a novice could breeze through a manual install. Linux, though, has suffered from messy installation requirements. Lately, though, many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Mint have evolved to the point that they are just as easy as Windows. You don't need to be a patient and dedicated enthusiast to get Linux on your computer. It's easy … Continue reading

Windows Repair With Linux by Kelly Lynn

  Linux is a Powerful Windows Tool If you aren’t particularly interested in obscure operating systems, the idea of playing around with Linux probably isn’t an appealing one. Linux, though, is a great Windows troubleshooting tool. Even if you want to have nothing to do with Linux for day-to-day computing, you should still take a look at it for what it can to for your Windows computing. Your first step to using Linux as a troubleshooter – making a Linux CD To use Linux on your Windows computer, you need to first find the right version for Windows troubleshooting purposes and keep a copy – either on a CD or a USB flash drive. Ubuntu is considered one of most versatile Linux versions available. Once you have a bootable version … Continue reading

Linux Alternatives to Windows Multimedia Apps by Kelly Lynn

  With Windows 8, Microsoft has changed the look of the computer landscape. More changes than Microsoft users have seen since the Windows 95 days mean that for the first time in years, some people are contemplating a switch in operation system. And while plenty of Windows faithful will cheerfully embrace the learning curve, those looking for a change may find that Linux simply works better for them. When it comes to making the switch to Linux, the area of most concern for those used to dealing with Windows might just be multimedia. Is there a way to view, stream and edit your media content on Linux that mirrors the Windows experience? Absolutely. Here’s a look at some easy-to-use applications that will replace your Windows multimedia stand-bys. Music and Podcasts … Continue reading