Mac OS-X Tips and Tricks

Narrowing the Spotlight: Tricks to Apple's Search Tool by Kelly Lynn

  Apple has all kinds of little tricks built into their operating system that can make users’ computer experience much more efficient and smooth. However, many of these features are often unknown to new as well as old Mac users, or are understood only in their fundamental parts. Spotlight is one of those things. It can be used intuitively to make simple searches even by someone totally new to OS X, although there are also slightly more in depth methods of using it, by utilizing specific file attributes, that turn it into a powerful and awesome search tool. When you simply type in the name of something you are looking for, Spotlight will not only list all the files that contain that word in their name, but also any file … Continue reading

Personalized Efficiency: The OS X Dock by Kelly Lynn

  The Dock in OS X is a gem of programming and design that serves several functions. It acts as a sort of home base for launching and controlling applications as well as storing and accessing folders and files. The Dock is also fully customizable to a particular user’s needs. This article will examine the functions of the OS X Dock and go over the various ways users can tailor it to match their vision of a perfect computing experience. When scrolling the pointer over anything on the Dock, a little word bubble will appear showing the name of that item. One of the simplest and most apparent functions of the dock is to open applications, which can be done with a single click of whatever icon the pointer hovers … Continue reading

Right-Click on a Mac by Kelly Lynn

I've always been a PC but recently I've also become a Mac.  Before I get to the single biggest tip for new Mac users, let me clarify something about this website.   PC stands for 'Personal Computer'.  This website is called PC Unleashed (Personal Computing Unleashed).  The acronym PC has become known as the Mac counterpart largely due to the Apple commercials... but the context of this website includes both Mac and Windows tips, tutorials and more!  Just wanted to clarify that :) Now back to the best tip of all for people switching over from PCs to a Mac.  One of the most annoying things I found when I first started using the mac was there was just one button on the mouse... but did you know there actually … Continue reading

Using Spotlight as a Calculator by Kelly Lynn

If you're on a Mac, one of the quickest ways to quickly find the answer to a math problem is by using the Spotlight feature of Mac OS-X Snow Leopard.   All you need to do is click the magnifying glass (called "Spotlight") located in the top right corner of the screen, type your formula and voila!... your answer is there.  Another great feature is that you can copy the answer into memory by going Command+C after you've typed the formula.  For those of you that are from the dinosaur era, the asterisk/star ( * ) key is used for  multiplication and the backslash ( / ) is for division. Here's a handy little video demonstrating this feature. Get the Flash Player to see this content.