Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks

Introducing Macros in Excel 2007 by Kelly Lynn

  When working with Microsoft Excel, you may find yourself repeating the same calculations or typing the same text in multiple cells. A 'macro' simply refers to a very useful and labor saving function within Excel that will store the action (or text) and make it available to you whenever you need it to use it. Running your chosen macro will then cause Excel to complete the process for you automatically. Follow the steps below and you may be able to save yourself a lot of time and effort! Step 1 - Display your Developer Tab Macro tools are available through your Developer Tab and you have to set this up to be displayed : . Click the Office button, and select Excel Options button . The Excel Options dialogue … Continue reading

Microsoft Office Online – How Does It Compare to Office 2013 and Google Docs? by Kelly Lynn

  Microsoft Office has always come in the familiar installable version for your computer. With Office 365, Microsoft also offers Office as an SaaS product (software-as-a-service) - you pay a subscription to use full-featured Office software online with nothing installed on your computer. Many people don't realize that there's a third version, though - it's called Microsoft Office Online (it's at and it's as free as Google Docs. How does Microsoft Office Online compare to the desktop version of Office? If you were to choose among Office on your computer, Office Online and Google Docs, which would make the most sense? Comparing Regular Office with Office Online The first advantage to using Office Online is that it works on everything - you aren't limited to Windows or Mac computers … Continue reading

Adding Punch to Your PowerPoint Presentations With YouTube Videos and Live Webpages by Kelly Lynn

  YouTube can be an excellent source of material to illustrate presentations with. You don't need to move outside of a PowerPoint presentation to build your case with a well-placed YouTube video, though. You can easily embed one inside your presentation. Here's how you do this in PowerPoint 2013.   . Click on the Insert tab in PowerPoint.   . You will find the option to add an online video to your project under the Video button - one of the last objects on the Ribbon, under the Insert tab.   . PowerPoint gives you several online destinations to pick online videos from - Bing Video, Facebook and YouTube, among others. The first time that you pick an online source to add videos from, you need to select it from theAlso … Continue reading

Microsoft Word Functions That Can Help You When You Write a Research Paper? by Kelly Lynn

  Research papers often need to use multiple fonts and footnote. They also need to offer their readers help finding their way around. Here are tips that can help you create Word documents that have these features. Sharing documents with new fonts Complex Word documents prepared with different fonts and formatting design don't look the same if they are viewed with any other font. A single changed font can ruin the layout of a complex document. Sharing such documents with others can be a challenge, then. If the receiver doesn't have all the necessary fonts installed on his computer, he might not be able to make sense of the document when he opens it. This is an easily fixed problem, though. Before you share such a Word document, you only … Continue reading

Word 2013 – How to Number Every Single Line and How to Send Emails From Within Word by Kelly Lynn

  Here are two ways to help you get more out of Word 2013. Numbering each line If you write detailed instruction manuals or legal documents where you need to repeatedly make references to very specific things written elsewhere in the document, it can be convenient to have a number for every single line. Merely starting a numbered list with the tools in the Paragraph section of the Home tab may not cut it. With the regular numbered list tool, you don't get to add new paragraphs or headings. You need another tool that lets you simply write as you usually do, but with a number on the left margin next to each line. To start line numbering in Word 2013, you need to head to the Page Layout tab … Continue reading

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Word and How to Automatically Place Text in Tables by Kelly Lynn

  Word gives you many ways to simplify everyday tasks. Here are two helpful tips.   Creating a keyboard shortcut in Word   Word allows easy access to many commands by offering keyboard shortcuts to them. You can use keyboard shortcuts, for instance, to bold a selection (Ctrl+, align text to the left (Ctrl+L) and so on. Not only does Word allow you to change these default keyboard shortcuts, it allows you to even create shortcuts for commands that have no preset shortcut. To create shortcuts, you need to first access the part of your Word Options that deals with customizing the Ribbon. You need to right-click on any part of the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon . When the dialog box comes up, you need to select All … Continue reading

Microsoft Word: Tips on How to Manage the Formatting on Your Paste and How to Easily Insert Special Characters by Kelly Lynn

  Here are two quick tips to help make life easier using Microsoft Word. Managing the formatting when you Copy and Paste text When you copy text from a webpage or document and use the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut to paste it into a Word document, the default Paste function on Word brings over not only the text that you've copied but also all the formatting attached to it. For instance, you could find that it comes with unacceptable text colors, bolding and font choices. You don't have to deal with this problem if you choose to paste by right-clicking on the destination document and selecting theKeep Text Only or Merge Formatting Paste options. If you do find that you've managed to copy text over with unacceptable formatting, though, it's easy … Continue reading

Getting Work Done on Word 2013 by Kelly Lynn

  Many features on Word 2013 are the same as they have been on earlier versions. Often, though, accessing these features requires a different route. Here’s a short explanation to three such features on Word 2013. Writing a blog post on Word 2013 Word has had the ability to publish directly to WordPress and other blogging platforms for six years now. On Word 2013, the blogging ability is so well developed that Windows Live Writer isn’t necessary for most people. You see the blogging option the first thing you open Word 2013 – it’s the second template on the start-up screen. When you select it, Office right away asks you what blogging platform you are on – WordPress, Blogger, TypePad or a number of other options. Once you select your … Continue reading

Have You Heard of the Macro Threat in Microsoft Office? by Kelly Lynn

  When you use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other programs in Microsoft Office, you may sometimes find that you have to perform the same set of steps over and over again in certain circumstances. For instance, you may often need to open a Microsoft Word document with a table with three columns and four rows and a certain kind of border. Once you create the table, you may need to write to left-justify all text and change the font to a 14 pt. Times New Roman. Instead of clicking on all these buttons, you could record them all to a macro. In Microsoft Word (as in many computer programs), a macro is a recording of various key presses or choices. If you have a series of choices and button … Continue reading

Lost an Important File? Here’s How You Go About Recovering It by Kelly Lynn

  Lost An Important File? Here’s How You Go About Recovering It Many people don’t realize how easy it is to accidentally hit Don’t Save when they close a program. A reflexive move such as this can make hours of hard work disappear. As a reasonable assurance against such accidents, applications like Microsoft Word automatically save changes to documents at regular intervals (on Word, the function is called AutoRecover). You can minimize any loss of data by simply shortening the AutoRecover interval. In Word 2010, you need to click on File , select Options at the bottom of the panel to the left to see the AutoRecover option. The Save AutoRecover information every _ minutes box option is set at 10 minutes by default. You can lower it all the … Continue reading