OneNote Tips and Tricks

Do You Use Microsoft OneNote Yet? by Kelly Lynn

  Along with Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote is about the most powerful notetaking program in existence. While many people tend to use their OneNote to take notes in rather simple ways, there are some pretty great moves you could learn on OneNote to become more productive. While OneNote comes included with Microsoft Office, it is actually shareware on Windows 8 computers – you just needs to download the free limited version app from the Windows 8 App Store (it is free for use on smartphones). There is even a free OneNote Web app to use on your browser. Whether you have a free and limited version of OneNote or the full version that comes with Office, you have access to all of the main features. The only limitation the free versions … Continue reading

Opening and Closing Notebooks in OneNote 2010 by Kelly Lynn

  The more you learn about OneNote, the more effective and valuable of a tool it will become for you. Learning the basics of using the program will help you to organize your notes better and use the program faster and more strategically. An important thing OneNote users should know is how to open and close notebooks. This will help you to unclutter the right sidebar, which displays your list of notebooks. You might find yourself in situations in which you will need to switch between two or more notebooks quickly. This might be during an important meeting or in a fast-paced learning environment. You might only want to display the notebooks that are relevant for what you are doing at the time. Perhaps you would like certain notebooks to … Continue reading

Tips ‘N Tricks: Creating Shared Notebooks in OneNote by Kelly Lynn

  If you’ve ever tried to share electronic documents with a group of people, you probably know that lots of things can go wrong. Changes get lost, files get corrupted, and users get frustrated. A shared notebook in OneNote can solve many of the problems associated with shared files. OneNote is easy for users to learn, can store a variety of content, and will automatically save and merge changes from multiple users. Setting up a shared notebook in OneNote is a simple process. Let’s walk through the steps: Open OneNote and go to the File menu. Choose “New” and then “Notebook” from the menu options, as shown below: Specify the notebook name in the pop-up window that appears. You can also choose a template for your project from this screen … Continue reading

Tips ‘n Tricks: Using OneNote Tags by Kelly Lynn

  OneNote is a great tool for storing a variety of content. As you learn to use OneNote, tags can offer you additional functionality that is helpful for organizing and retrieving the information you have stored. What are OneNote tags? – OneNote tags are small icons that you can add anywhere on a page. Tags make it easy to find information that you have added. To see a list of the tags available, click the “Tag” dropdown just below the menu bar in OneNote: OneNote supplies a long list of tags that you can use, ranging from check boxes for to-do lists to book icons to remind you about a book you want to read. Adding a tag to your page – Adding a tag to your page is quick … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks – Increase Your Efficiency With OneNote Templates by Kelly Lynn

  OneNote is a great tool for increasing personal productivity and staying organized, but many Office users don’t even know that it exists! Generally bundled with Microsoft Office, OneNote is like an electronic three ring binder. You can take notes, save pictures, create lists, and share pages with other users. The best part is that you can learn to use OneNote in just a few minutes. By default, when you create a new page in OneNote, it will be blank with no text or formatting. This is perfect for many situations, but OneNote also offers templates for specific purposes that can help you get up and running with your task quickly. Let’s take a closer look at how to use templates in OneNote and then explore some of the advanced … Continue reading

How to Navigate Around Microsoft OneNote 2010 by Kelly Lynn

Microsoft OneNote is a popular and easy-to-use tool for note-taking and personal organization, but it can be confusing to use at first. Taking a few minutes to explore and understand how to navigate around the program will ensure that you’re able to use this great productivity tool in no time. The key to understanding navigation in Microsoft OneNote is realizing that the program is like a digital version of a three ring binder or a divided notebook. Let’s take a closer look at how OneNote cleverly mimics an actual notebook: Notebooks – Content in OneNote is divided into notebooks. Think of these as a set of three ring binders with information in each one. When you open OneNote, all of your notebooks will be listed on the left side, as … Continue reading

How to Share a Notebook Using Microsoft's OneNote 2010 by Laura Reynolds

Microsoft’s OneNote 2010 is a great program for sharing quick snippets of data with friends or coworkers. Microsoft has made data sharing an easy task and has provided a number of options to boot. OneNote 2010 allows for the sharing of a notebook so you or others can access it on other computers and even over the Internet. This allows various people to work together on the same document, too, and is great for brainstorming on big projects or for creating virtual whiteboards. OneNote 2010 is unique because it allows multiple users to access the notebook at the same time. Similar programs are locked to a single editor, significantly downgrading the collaborative capability. But OneNote 2010 is truly the ultimate in collaborative programs because it allows you and your team … Continue reading

So What is OneNote? by Laura Reynolds

OneNote 2010 is one of those indispensable programs that many people don’t know – and it's unfortunate. OneNote is a digital notebook that allows you to gather your notes and info in one place, and along for the ride is a dazzling search function that lets you find what you want with amazing quickness and accuracy. In business, it's key to organize and arrange important bits of data, so a digital notebook makes it even easier to assemble what you want for ease of access. To create a new notebook, click the File tab and click on “New.” Store your notebook as you wish using the “Store Notebook On” option and enter a name for your new notebook. I personally prefer “SnuggleNotebook#2335” but you can personalize as you see fit. … Continue reading