Opera Browser Tips

Browsers play a big part in how effectively we use the Internet. Speed, adaptability, diversity, and customization are all things users consider when choosing a browser. Opera has all of those and much more. Learning to take advantage of the great features in Opera will add to your enjoyment while surfing the web. The following Opera tips are helpful in learning about the many features Opera offers.


Make Opera Your Own

One of the great features the Opera browser offers users is the ability to design the browser to suit their personal taste. You can speed it up, dress it up, change it up, and color it up. Opera wants you to adapt it to be your “personal” browser. Click on the Opera logo in the upper left hand corner of the browser, scroll down to “Appearance” or hit F12.




Simply click on the function you want to personalize and follow the easy steps. There are beautiful skins to choose from, and you can select which panels you want to show. Panels include history, bookmarks, search, widgets, and others. There are several toolbars and buttons to make the experience easier.


Keep Tabs From Closing

This is a favorite Opera feature. Have you ever closed a tab accidentally? It can be annoying and time consuming to have to locate the page again. The Opera browser has eliminated that headache by offering you the ability to “pin” your tab so it won’t get closed inadvertently.




Simply right click on the tab, and choose pin tab. All pinned tabs are moved to the left of the other tabs so they can be easily found, and they take up very little space. Opera makes it easy to switch back and forth between tabs you are using. To see what each tab is, just hover over a tab, or stack of tabs, and Opera shows you what is in each tab. It can’t get much easier.


Enjoy RSS Feeds In Your Browser

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see your favorite RSS feeds right in your browser, without the need of a separate program? Opera makes that possible. When you are on a site with an RSS feed you follow, click on the RSS icon in the address field, and the RSS feeds will open without the need of a special program. It’s another great organizational feature and timesaver from Opera.


Quality Of Encryption

You can know the security status of the sites you visit with the Opera browser. A colored bar displayed before the web address tells you what encryption is used.



Many sites will display the “web” this icon.



Money sites may display the “trusted” icon.



Shopping sites may display the “secure” icon.


Simply click on the bar to get detailed information about site security. This feature eases concerns users have when conducting money transactions online.




Everyone loves widgets and the Opera browser provides many of your favorites. The Twiget recognizes the popularity of Twitter. There are also widgets for Bubble, Backgammon, Torus, Spirograph, Artist’s Sketchbook, and many others including an eBook reader.


Use the Opera tips to get your feet wet, and then explore all the many other features. The Opera browser was designed for the twenty-first century. It goes beyond the average browser and provides the user with a huge variety of options. With all its options, widgets and gadgets, the Opera browser is sure to be a favorite among web browsers.