Opera Tips and Tricks

If Your Laptop Is on the Internet on a Tethered Connection, How Do You Keep Your Data Use Down? by Kelly Lynn

  Ten years ago, when many people were still stuck with dial-up connections, webpages were lightweight at no more than 1 MB each. Now that broadband is widely available both to home and office users, webpages have blown up into elaborate, multiple-megabyte designs to take advantage of the available speed. Complex webpages turn out to be a problem when you need to view them on a laptop that connects to the Internet over a tethered smartphone connection. If every webpage you open gobbles up 20 MB of your phone’s data limit, you’ll soon find yourself having to pay data overages. What you need is a way to make sure that the webpages you visit don’t use much data. Here are the best ways to achieve this aim. Stop videos and … Continue reading

Cool Opera Tricks You Probably Do Not Know About by Kelly Lynn

  Opera is a unique browser because it does not function solely as that but it is actually a complete web suite. It has more features than other browsers that exist today. In addition, you can increase its usefulness by understanding more about the browser and learning a few tricks: Turbo Charge Your Connection This browser offers you a way on how you can speed up your slow connection so you can browse the web faster. When you use Opera Turbo, you will notice that it provides quicker access to the web. This is because this uses sophisticated compression technology so that downloading a web page is speedier even when your bandwidth connection is limited. This is especially helpful when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi connection. Bookmark Synchronization … Continue reading