Photoshop Tips and Tricks

How to Tear Up a Photo in Photoshop by Ahmed H.

Did you know that you could add a torn up effect on a photo with Photoshop?  In this tutorial I will show you how to do this! Step 1: I picked up the photo of Lee Major to tear up. Duplicate the layer and select the blending method as ‘Screen’.  The image should look brighter. Step 2: Double click on the duplicated layer to open the ‘Layer Style’ window and click on ‘Drop shadow’. Choose the blending mode ‘Multiply’ and lower down the opacity. Now add ‘Inner Shadow’ and ‘Inner Glow’ effects; use multiply blending mode, low opacity and black color.  Now click on ‘Bevel and Emboss’ tab and set the depth to 13% and the shadow mode to ‘Lighten’.  Follow these screen shots for guidance: Step 3: Now find … Continue reading

How to Add Color to Black and White Photos in Photoshop by Ahmed H.

If you have an old family photo in black and white, you'll love this tutorial.  I will walk you through how to convert a black and white photo into color.  First, let's take a look at both the initial photo and the finished product: Step 1: Actually, the original photo was a little darker so I had to modify the level parameters.  Go to ‘Image > Adjustments > Level’.  A histogram menu will open. There are three parameters under the graph.  To adjust the light level, I have increased the left value and slightly decreased the right value.  The middle value remained unchanged.  You can choose your values by adjusting the slider until you are satisfied.  Lightening your image may make it a little easier to work with.  Also, ensure … Continue reading