PowerPoint Tips and Tricks

Adding Punch to Your PowerPoint Presentations With YouTube Videos and Live Webpages by Kelly Lynn

  YouTube can be an excellent source of material to illustrate presentations with. You don't need to move outside of a PowerPoint presentation to build your case with a well-placed YouTube video, though. You can easily embed one inside your presentation. Here's how you do this in PowerPoint 2013.   . Click on the Insert tab in PowerPoint.   . You will find the option to add an online video to your project under the Video button - one of the last objects on the Ribbon, under the Insert tab.   . PowerPoint gives you several online destinations to pick online videos from - Bing Video, Facebook and YouTube, among others. The first time that you pick an online source to add videos from, you need to select it from theAlso … Continue reading

Embedding a PowerPoint Slideshow in a Webpage by Kelly Lynn

  PowerPoint slideshows are an excellent way to get information across in a visual, easy to understand, interactive way. But did you know that you can share your PowerPoint presentations with anyone – even those that do not have PowerPoint installed in their computers? Embedding a slideshow allows users to share photos, swap notes, attend long distance meetings and even promote website features. And without the need to link countless individual photos, reaching a wider audience instantly becomes much easier. With Sky Drive, embedding a PowerPoint show on any web page or blog is fast and easy. The first step, once you’ve created your slideshow using PowerPoint on your PC, is to visit the Sky Drive website. Sky Drive is a free, secure, cloud-based file storage system available from Microsoft. … Continue reading

Power Point Tips and Tricks – How to Reuse Your Favorite Slides by Kelly Lynn

  Creating slides in PowerPoint can be quite time-consuming, especially if those slides contain complicated graphics, special fonts and animation. Once you have the slides exactly the way you want them, you need a way to reuse those elements in future slideshows. Whether you want to reuse an entire slide as is or use it as a template for a similar presentation, you can. To copy a slide from an existing presentation to a new one in PowerPoint, just follow these simple steps. Open the presentation that contains the slide you want to copy. Locate the slide in the thumbnail preview. Right-click the slide and choose Copy. Open the presentation you want to copy the slide to. Right-click a blank area in the Slides pane and click Paste. To drag … Continue reading

How to Add Transition Effects Between Slides to Your PowerPoint Presentations by Kelly Lynn

We’ve all seen a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentation.  The presenter clicks a button and instantly, one slide changes to the next.  There are no special effects, which is fine for business meetings and other occasions that call for unadorned slide shows with minimal distraction. However, if you’re doing a fun, artistic, or casual presentation, you might be surprised to learn how a few nice transition effects can add special appeal to your slide show.  With the Animations feature, you can mimic some filmmaking effects to allow slides to smoothly “transform” into successive slides.  You can use these animations to add a whimsical or imaginative touch to your presentation. Here’s how to take full advantage of the transition effects that PowerPoint offers, step-by-step: 1. Make sure that, on the left side of … Continue reading

How To Re-Color Your SmartArt Graphics in PowerPoint by Nicole Mekisich

You can change the colours of your SmartArt graphic to any predefined option or you can choose to change the colours of each individual object in your SmartArt. Open the presentation that contains the SmartArt graphic you would like to recolour. Click the SmartArt graphic to display the SmartArt Tools tabs – Design and Format. To change the colours of your SmartArt graphic to a predefined colour, click the Design tab under SmartArt Tools and click Change Colors in the SmartArt Styles group to display the colour options. Hover your mouse over any of the colour options to display a preview of the colours in your SmartArt graphic. NOTE: These colours are defined by the presentations colour scheme. To apply the colours to your SmartArt graphic, click the colour option.  … Continue reading

How To Format Text in Your Presentation by Nicole Mekisich

Once you have created your presentation in PowerPoint 2010, you may want to change the way some of the text appears.  This could be a title, text you want to emphasise or text that needs to stand out against the background.  A font’s colour, style or size is known as its attributes and they call all be adjusted in the Font group on the Home tab. Open the presentation containing the fonts you would like to change. Select the text or the text box and on the Home tab, select one of the options in the Font group. Font: Change the type of the font. Click the drop-down arrow to display a choice of fonts. Hover your mouse over any of the fonts to see a preview of your text … Continue reading

How To Apply a Theme to Your Presentation by Nicole Mekisich

After creating your PowerPoint 2010 presentation, you may wish to apply different formats such as a background colour, font style, text size or colour scheme.  As Theme is a combination of these different types of formats which allow you to quickly change the look of your presentation without going to each individual slide to change the formatting of the various elements. Open the presentation that you would like to apply the theme to. On the Design tab view the themes available in the Themes group. To view more themes, click the list arrow to the right of the themes displayed.  Any Built-in or Custom themes will be displayed as well as any from the Microsoft Office website (Office.com).  The themes currently use in this presentation will be displayed under the … Continue reading

How To Insert SmartArt In Your Presentation by Nicole Mekisich

SmartArt is a feature in PowerPoint 2010 that provides you with the option to add a graphic with a predefined layout.  There are a number of categories of graphics including lists, hierarchies and process flow layouts. Open the presentation that you would like to add the SmartArt graphic to. On the Insert tab click SmartArt in the Illustrations group. NOTE: If your slide layout contains a Content object, you can click the SmartArt icon to access the SmartArt gallery: You now have the option to select the type of SmartArt graphic you would like to insert.  Click any of the categories on the left to display a list of related graphics in the centre.  Select one of these graphics to see an enlarged image on the right with a short … Continue reading

How To Change Your SmartArt Graphic in PowerPoint by Nicole Mekisich

Once you have inserted a SmartArt graphic into your PowerPoint 2010 presentation, you may decide that another graphic is more appropriate.  However, you don’t want to lose the content that you have already added to the SmartArt graphic.  PowerPoint 2010 allows you change the graphic without losing the content already entered. Open the presentation that contains the SmartArt graphic you would like to change. Click the SmartArt graphic to display the SmartArt Tools tabs – Design and Format. To change the SmartArt graphic, click the Design tab under SmartArtTools and click More button in the Layout group. The various SmartArt layout options are displayed.  Hover your mouse over each graphic to display a preview in your presentation. Select the SmartArt layout you wish to apply to your presentation.  Your SmartArt … Continue reading

How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation That Automatically Plays When Opened by Nicole Mekisich

Sometimes, when PowerPoint 2010 presentations are opened, they automatically start playing in slide show view without the need for the presenter to press F5 or click the Slide Show View button.  This is because the creator of the presentation has saved it as a PowerPoint Show rather than the default PowerPoint presentation. Open the presentation that you would like to convert to a PowerPoint Show. On the File tab click Save As. Enter a name for the presentation in the File name field. Click the Save As type drop-down arrow and select PowerPoint Show (.ppsx). Click Save. This file now appears with a PowerPoint Show icon and file extension (.ppsx).  When opening the file, it will automatically run as a PowerPoint slide show. NOTE: If you want to edit this … Continue reading