Safari Drag and Drop Uploads


Among the list of popular browsers alongside Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is a browser called “Safari.” Safari is the default browser on most Apple products, such as the Ipad and Ipod touch. This browser makes it convenient to surf the web from just about any mobile device created by Apple. Safari allows the user to use services like flash and view content specified for mobile devices. Safari has had five version with the fifth being the most current version of the browser and with each version has new and better features.

The fifth version of Safari supports HTML, Layout, Javascript and more using a feature called “webKit2.” Even though Safari was built to run on Apple Based computers and products, it has many of the same features as other browsers, if not more. It has an auto-fill option to complete home addresses and phone numbers when you don’t want to write them down individually or don’t have time to, an inline PDF viewer which allows you to view PDF files strait from the browser, a pop up blocker and something called “reader mood,” which allows the user to view a more streamlined and less cluttered version of a website, this comes in handy if an individual is viewing the site on a mobile device rather than a home computer.

One of the features Safari has is its’ drag and drop upload feature. This allows you to upload files directly from your device or computer strait on to whatever site you wish to upload to by simply dragging and dropping the files. The drag and drop upload feature works using HTML 5 which is the latest version of something called “Hyper Text Markup Language,” which most sites on the internet have used for the original code from the past up til now, barring those that use entirely Flash or Javascript, since Safari supports all of these codes it allows user to use a feature based on HTML even while they’re browsing a Javascript site. Another part of Safari’s drag and drop feature is the ability to move tabs from window to window. With Safari you can have multiple windows open with multiple tabs on them, and you can switch the tabs from one window to the other.

Safari’s drag and drop feature uses something called “finder.” When you open up finder you can type in the name of the file that you’re searching for and finder will find it for you, you can then take the file from the finder window and drag it into the upload field on the site to which you wish to upload your file. With other browsers you have to open up a “choose file” window and search for the content you wish to upload manually, then you have to click upload after you’ve searched for your query to upload it, and you have to do this with each and every individual file you upload. This cuts the effort and time it takes to upload your files down exponentially.