Safari Tips and Tricks

Fun Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Browser by Kelly Lynn

  You can use your mouse to do everything you need on your browser. Yet, using a mouse can often slow you down. If you can click a couple of keys for every common browser-related task, you can usually work far more efficiently. Here are several keyboard shortcuts that you can use on most popular browsers in Windows. S+Right-click on a web image Holding down the S key on your keyboard and right-clicking on any web image does different things in different browsers. On Chrome, it opens a new tab with a reverse image search for the image on Google. While you could do the same thing with a right-click and selecting Search Google for this image , the keyboard shortcut is faster. On Firefox and Safari, the same keyboard … Continue reading

Which Is the Fastest Browser on iOS? You’ll Never Guess by Kelly Lynn

  If you use an iOS mobile device, you aren't restricted to using the Safari browser - Apple allows you to use any one of several alternatives - Chrome, Opera, Photon, Dolphin and so on. Hoping for an improved performance, many iPhone, iPad and iPod users enthusiastically try these out and report that one or the other performs much better than Safari, too. They would be very disappointed if they knew the truth about iOS browsers - they simply can't be better than Safari. Apple's developer policies restrict them to using inferior software. Meanwhile Safari gets the latest and greatest. This is the reason why browser makers consider withdrawing from the iOS platform. Firefox has done it. The first problem: all browsers need to employ the Safari rendering engine A … Continue reading

Tips & Tricks: The Safari 6 Share Button by Kelly Lynn

  Apple released Safari 6 this summer and it is packed with a lot of great features that you may not be aware of. To access all the great features in Safari 6, you will need to upgrade to Mountain Lion which is the latest version of Mac OS X. Perhaps one of the most useful features of Safari 6 is the Share button. This article will take a look at how you can take full advantage of this simple yet powerful feature. In previous versions of Safari you could only send a simple link to someone via email. However, in Safari 6, it has not only improved the way you can send a web page via email but also it has expanded to include the ability to send links … Continue reading

Parental Controls and Popular Browsers by Kelly Lynn

  Computers are a fact of life today. For many parents who didn’t grow up with the World Wide Web at their fingertips, the notion that their child needs to use the internet for everything from homework and research projects to gaming and socializing is a daunting one. After all, no one wants their little one stumbling on something they shouldn’t see while online. Even so, many parents are hesitant to set up parental controls – worrying that it might slow down their computer’s performance or be complicated to create. The truth is, there are easy steps you can take to bolster control over what your children see on the internet that won’t interfere with your online speed or performance. Just remember, nothing takes the place of parental supervision. Internet … Continue reading

Tips on How to Boost Your Safari Browser Experience by Kelly Lynn

  Safari is a fairly easy-to-use browser but there just might be a few things that you do not know about this application from Apple. This browser is considered as one of the best especially for Mac enthusiasts. Aside from the super speedy rendering times and the polished interface, you can make it more interesting by following the tips below: Send a Link via Email This is one of the most useful shortcuts that you can use with this browser. Using your Mac keyboard, hit Command + CTRL + I so you can open your default application for email. You will see that it has dumped the URL of the current page in the new email message. SnapBack Feature If you often surf hard with a dozen of tabs on … Continue reading