Search Engines Tips and Tricks

Intro to Google Books by Kelly Lynn

Google Books allows you to browse and purchase print books and e-books. You can find the right e-book that meets your needs and reading interests. To get to Google Books, go to and click on more and select Books from the drop down menu as shown below. You will be directed to the Google Books landing page: On this page, you will have two choices. In the box to the left, it reads Researching a Topic?. You can enter keywords to search a specific topic you wish to research and/or read about. In the box to the right, you can choose to enter the Google eBookstore if you wish to browse Google's massive collection of print and e-books, many of which are available for free. There are over 3 … Continue reading

How to Maximize the Potential of Google by Kelly Lynn

Search engines are very important tools on the Internet. Without them, it would be impossible to find websites or anything else for that matter unless someone gives you the exact URL (Uniform Resource Locator). We use them probably almost every time we go online without realizing how useful they have become. How could anyone have ever appreciated the Internet without them? Can you imagine getting any research done online without the aid of a search engine? There are so many search engines available online from the very popular ones to the not-so-famous ones but all of them can basically do the same thing. It really comes down to a matter of personal preference and need. What is important is to know how to get the most out of a search … Continue reading

Searching with Boolean Logic by Phil Richards

When it comes to searching the vast database of information on the internet, you need to know a few tricks to get the best results – and one of those tricks is using a Boolean search. Named after mathematician George Boole, a Boolean search is a way of referencing the logical relationship between search terms. 1. Understanding Boolean Logic When you’re working with Boolean searches, you need to understand the logic behind them. You’ll be using one of three operators: OR AND NOT The “OR” operator is to search something like "bananas or apples." The results would include “bananas,” “apples,” and both “bananas” and “apples.” The “AND” operator shifts the search to include both “bananas and apples” but not their individual counterparts. In other words, you would only find pages … Continue reading

Advanced Google Searching by Kelly Lynn

This is a tutorial on advanced Google searching techniques. We all know Google is the place we turn to when we need to search for information from websites.  But the search engine also has many other powerful features which can help save you valuable time and make your web searching a little more productive. Here are some advanced Google search tips... Having a party tomorrow and want to know if it's going to rain? Just type weather, along with the city name or zip code, and you'll get the current forecast: Similarly, if you want to check out a flick at a local movie theatre, type movies and the location, and you'll get complete listings: This is just the beginning - sports fans will love this next one.  Get the score … Continue reading