SharePoint Tips and Tricks

How to Create a SharePoint Document Library by Kelly Lynn

  SharePoint is Microsoft’s collaboration platform. Users can share ideas, documents, and processes using a variety of sites and repositories. The most basic collaboration site is a SharePoint Document Library. In addition to providing a location for collaboration and document sharing, document libraries can perform change management by archiving document volumes and providing accountability and record of changes. They can be customized with workflows, metadata, and custom entry forms. Let’s walk through creating a simple SharePoint document library. Creating a Document Library in SharePoint: Step 1: Navigate to the SharePoint site where document library will reside. Step 2: In the upper left-hand corner select Site Actions and New Document Library. Step 3: In the Name box, give your document library a name. TIP: Putting spaces in your document library title … Continue reading

How to Add Web Parts to SharePoint Pages by Kelly Lynn

Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool for user collaboration. Understanding how to add web parts to a page can help make SharePoint an even more useful tool. Web parts are small pieces of code that display content on a SharePoint page. For example, you can add web parts that show your Outlook calendar, lists of tasks, images, and many other types of content. Adding multiple web parts to a page will result in a customized page full of useful information. Let’s walk through the basics of adding web parts to SharePoint pages: Adding Web Parts to a SharePoint Page - Step 1: Navigate to a SharePoint page that you have permission to edit. Step 2: Click on the Page tab and then click the “Edit Page” button, as shown below: … Continue reading