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How to Create a Basic Fan Page on Facebook by Kelly Lynn

Facebook is the undisputed king of social networks.  Millions of users visit the social network daily to communicate with friends and family.  However, its power as a networking and marketing tool becomes apparent when you take advantage of one of Facebook’s most enduring and powerful features—the fan page. Facebook fan pages are special, standalone Facebook profiles that can be used to promote a business, bring awareness to a cause, or brand yourself as an artist or professional.  Because they look and act like personal profiles, fan pages lend a personal touch to business activities and marketing campaigns.  The tips in this tutorial will give you a head start on creating your very own Facebook fan page to show to the world. 1. Log on to Facebook.  Scroll all the way … Continue reading URL Shortener Suddenly Shows Ads on Your Page by Andrew Duncan

Without notice, millions of tweeted URLs that use the URL shortener service "" are suddenly showing ads at the top of the destination URLs homepage. is used by over 28 million URLs!  Many of the victims (I'll call them victims because I don't think they know about the change) use through the popular WordPress plugin Tweet This. Tweet This and the URL shortener is owned by Richard X. Thripp.  I'm unaware if this is something that was added by Richard or if his domain was hacked.   If it was added by Richard, then I think users should have been notified and given the option to decline the ads.  I don't really have an issue with people monetizing products, however, the way it has been executed seems like … Continue reading