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Creating Your Own Portable Software by Kelly Lynn

  If you often need to access computers that belong to other people or other offices, you may have a hard time working the way you need to -- you may not have access to the programs you usually have. Google tries to make working on multiple computers simpler by automatically bringing your browsing history and bookmarks to any installation of Chrome when you sign in. You also have Google Docs. For other programs, though, you're usually on your own. Carrying the software you need with you as you move from one computer to another may seem like an option. The problem with this approach is that you wouldn't usually be able to install your programs on someone else's computer. It would also take time. The right approach to this … Continue reading

How Do You Know if It’s Hardware or Software That’s Behind a Problem? by Kelly Lynn

  When your computer decides to act up, how do you decide if it's a hardware problem or a software problem that's behind it? The tips that follow should help you determine where the cause of your problems lies. When your computer has slowed down Computer magazines and knowledgeable people often talk about older computers being slower. If you aren't that familiar with computers, you may misinterpret what they actually mean. A computer can be slow in two ways. One way is when it takes too much time to complete simple, everyday tasks such as starting up or opening programs. The second way is when it grows obsolete because modern programs make demands that it can't meet. An obsolete computer doesn't exhibit slowness when performing everyday tasks. Any computer from the last … Continue reading

IP Cameras for Home Use by Kelly Lynn

Just about every laptop features a small webcam located at the top-center of the display bezel, and it’s also quite common to purchase add-on cameras for desktop machines. Built-in cameras have internal wiring to the motherboard, while external or add-on cameras generally connect via a USB port. In either case they are primarily used for video chatting or capturing an image of your immediate surroundings. There is another type of camera that connects to your network, the IP camera, which has different benefits than the USB models do. Just about every laptop features a small webcam located at the top-center of the display bezel, and it’s also quite common to purchase add-on cameras for desktop machines. Built-in cameras have internal wiring to the motherboard, while external or add-on cameras generally … Continue reading

How to Track the Time You Spend on the Internet by admin

How to Track the Time You Spend on the Internet The Internet has proven itself very useful for researching recipes, arranging last-minute dinner reservations, finding the lowest prices for purchases, and settling debates that take place in bars around the world. Beyond these useful applications, many Internet users find several hours unaccounted for as they get lost clicking from one blog to the next, playing games, and otherwise wasting time. Follow these steps to monitor your browsing habits at work or at home to get a better idea of where you are spending your time online. 1. Download the Gold Limiter program from Once it has finished downloading, follow the on-screen instructions to install the program. When prompted, select the “Internet Monitor” option. 2. Run the Gold Limiter program. … Continue reading

How to Share Large Files Using Dropbox by Kelly Lynn

Online photo sites and Facebook albums have made it easier to share pictures and videos without having to upload and e-mail extremely large files. However, there are still instances where large image files, documents, PDFs, or other files need to be sent from one location to another. In many cases, e-mail servers dictate the maximum file size that can be sent or received, and large files often get caught in people’s spam folders or are otherwise never delivered. Dropbox is a free program that allows you to upload and share files with others using a mutual location on the Internet. You can use it as a web-based service, but it is most functional when you download the software to your hard drive. 1. Download the Dropbox software. Visit to … Continue reading

How to Increase Productivity in Windows 7 with Free Software by Kelly Lynn

Windows by itself is already an outstanding operating system. It is now loaded with additional features that users could only dream about in previous versions. Indeed, the evolution of the Windows operating system is phenomenal but even with all that, there is still a lot of room for improvement. There is a long list of additional features that Microsoft should consider integrating into future versions to make the Windows experience even better. Fortunately, the additional features we are looking for can be found on the Internet in the form of free software. These are available online for users to download free of charge. Some of these tools were created by Microsoft while some are provided by independent software developers. Let us look at some of these tools that can help … Continue reading

How to Find and Install WordPress Plugins for Your Site by Kelly Lynn

In recent years, WordPress has become extremely popular as blogging and content management software for websites.  However, once WordPress is set up, the webmaster might wonder how to increase the capabilities of the core program.  Here is where plugins come into play. WordPress plugins are pieces of software that extend the functionality of WordPress in various ways.  You can find a vast array of plugins that will help you do such things as interact with site visitors via social media, place ads in specific locations on your site, and change the look and feel of your blog posts. Two of the best ways you can go about searching for and installing safe WordPress plugins are described below. Through the WordPress Plugin Directory 1.  Go to the WordPress Plugin Directory, located … Continue reading

Are Your Important Documents Safe? Backup Your Files and Be Sure. by Andrew Duncan

You might be wondering why you need to backup your files. What is the importance of having backup files? Are they really necessary? You might find backing up files or documents a tiring job but it is wise to do just that. It is one of the essential parts of the computing if you spend long periods of time on a computer doing documentation or saving up very important files for your business or work. There have been too many stories about users who have lost all of their important files from their computer because of computer crashes, virus infection and mistakes on saving the files. Without back up files, those corrupted important files are virtually non-retrievable. Back up files are the duplicates or copies of your important files that … Continue reading

Easily Control Your Computer Remotely with LogMeIn by Andrew Duncan

There are many times when people need to access their computer from outside their home or office.  Unfortunately, using Windows' remote desktop client can sometimes be difficult for the non-techie as it often requires router access modifications and other configuration steps. Fortunately there is a slick product called LogMeIn that makes it dead simple!  All that you need to do on your home computer is ensure that it has an active Internet connection and the LogMeIn software is running. Then from your hotel room in Hawaii, you can control your home computer using another just a web browser on a computer that has an Internet connection. Perhaps the best part of all of this is that it is completely free!  You can open files, run applications, and more.  There is … Continue reading