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5 Technologies That Have Changed the World by Kelly Lynn

Throughout the 2000’s many new technologies have been introduced to not only the individual consumer but to corporations and volunteer organizations as well. From 2000 to 2011 many technologies have been introduced to the populous that could very well change the world in their own individual way. Exoskeletons: Since the popular movie “Iron Man” interest in real world exoskeletons has skyrocketed. Both Japanese and American scientists have invented and produced their own versions of exoskeleton. From Japan we have an exoskeleton known as HAL. The Hal suit was created by a Japanese company called “Cyberdine.” HAL has been described as a wearable robot that increases the wearer’s strength by ten percent. An American answer to HAL was an exoskeleton unit referred to as “HULC.” This unit has a special history … Continue reading

U.S. Government Shuts Down Illegal Shopping Websites and Encourages Online Safety by Kelly Lynn

Many individuals have experienced the Department of Homeland Security’s seized website page as they click on a site that can no longer be accessed. Over the past week, over 130 domains have been seized and blocked by the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security as part of a plan to clean up dangerous and illegal Internet sites. Most of these sites seek to sell pirated or counterfeit products. TorrentFreak, a popular tech blog, has identified over 130 domain names that were seized during the last week. Web addresses include sites such as,,, and more. Most site names indicate that cheap or counterfeit replicas of licensed products were being provided illegally. In 2010, the U. S. government seized websites just prior to Cyber Monday in … Continue reading

Google Releases and Recalls Highly-Anticipated Gmail App for iPhone by Kelly Lynn

One of the main bragging rights for Android users has been the full integration of Google’s apps into the operating system. On an Android phone, Gmail is extraordinarily easy to set up right out of the box. Using Gchat and managing your email from an Android smart phone is as simple as sending text messages. As Gmail is one of the most popularly used email services by tech geeks, there has long been a demand for a dedicated Gmail app for the iPhone. Previously, users only had the option of accessing their messages via the Internet, through a mobile site, or by setting up an account on their iOS device. On November 2nd, Google lovers finally got their wish when the free Gmail iOS app was released for the iPhone, … Continue reading

Microsoft Office 2010 Prediction by Laura Reynolds

New data from Dimensional Research suggests that Microsoft predicts selling a boatload of its MS Office 2010 suite next year. The new study reveals that 4% of corporate IT organizations are already using Office 2010. Now that may not seem significant at first glance, but in reality, the 4% figure is pretty good when you consider that 2010 was just released in May and that growth has been significant in the first six months. Microsoft typically struggles when they release new suites. The project of proving why IT companies need to upgrade becomes vital, but Microsoft has been spending an awful lot of this year farming out information about its Windows Phone 7. MS Office 2010 has been somewhat of an afterthought. Without Microsoft’s full marketing weight behind the product, … Continue reading

Google Docs vs Microsoft Office 2010 Live by Laura Reynolds

Corporate versions of Google Docs and Microsoft Office 2010 Live are going toe-to-toe and business users are winning in big organizations. With more companies turning to working within the cloud environment of the internet, operations are taking on new meanings in the corporate universe. Business apps on the internet are being accessed by IT companies and by average corporations to accomplish a number of tasks and productivity is increasing to excellent results. According to a Palo Alto Networks survey, network traffic points to a “surprisingly high” amount of users of cloud-based tools out of these corporations. This speaks to early adoption of cloud computing in corporate sectors, which is a good thing considering how much of the next few years will be based around cloud applications and programs. Google Docs … Continue reading