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Branding for Your Website Using a Favicon by Kelly Lynn

  The biggest and best companies in the world today have a strong online presence and their logos can be seen all over the web. They are meticulous about online branding, making sure they leave no stone unturned. Even small companies need a website in today’s modern world, and online branding is as important as traditional branding if you want to be recognizable to as many potential customers as possible. One way to maximize website branding is through the use of a favicon or “favorite icon”. This is the tiny graphic that you see preceding the website URL on the address bar of most browsers, or on a page tab, or in the bookmarks or favorites list where the website address is saved. This graphic is usually either a small … Continue reading

Windows Vista Easter Eggs by Kelly Lynn

  Since the inception of Microsoft, the company has created a series of operating systems under the name “Windows.” The most recent incarnations of Windows have been “Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista,” with Vista being one of the more recent. Which each new incarnation of Windows Microsoft has not only improved past features but also innovated new ones. These innovations are what have allowed Microsoft to compete with newer operating systems such as Linux and Ubuntu, which are “Open Source,” which means free to download and use. Even though most Windows operating systems still cost to download the innovative features have allowed them to keep their core audience. In each one of Microsoft's Windows browsers they've hidden secrets that you can discover called “Easter eggs,” referring to an … Continue reading

How to Create a Branding Strategy by admin

How To Create A Branding Strategy Branding the single most important objective of marketing. The American Marketing Association describes a brand as the symbol, design, name, or combination that identifies a product, service or identity. If you think about your favorite drink, you probably instantly recall a specific brand name or image. The name or symbol you recall is the brand for that item. Branding requires a strategy to achieve. A good brand inspires confidence in the product, is easy to identify and understand, creates an emotional connection with your target audience, inspires loyalty and motivates your target audience to action, such as buying. Identify your audience or target market. Use an online survey tool to ask basic questions about your product, idea or service in order to identify who … Continue reading

Intro to Google Books by Kelly Lynn

Google Books allows you to browse and purchase print books and e-books. You can find the right e-book that meets your needs and reading interests. To get to Google Books, go to Google.com and click on more and select Books from the drop down menu as shown below. You will be directed to the Google Books landing page: On this page, you will have two choices. In the box to the left, it reads Researching a Topic?. You can enter keywords to search a specific topic you wish to research and/or read about. In the box to the right, you can choose to enter the Google eBookstore if you wish to browse Google's massive collection of print and e-books, many of which are available for free. There are over 3 … Continue reading

How to Share Large Files Using Dropbox by Kelly Lynn

Online photo sites and Facebook albums have made it easier to share pictures and videos without having to upload and e-mail extremely large files. However, there are still instances where large image files, documents, PDFs, or other files need to be sent from one location to another. In many cases, e-mail servers dictate the maximum file size that can be sent or received, and large files often get caught in people’s spam folders or are otherwise never delivered. Dropbox is a free program that allows you to upload and share files with others using a mutual location on the Internet. You can use it as a web-based service, but it is most functional when you download the software to your hard drive. 1. Download the Dropbox software. Visit dropbox.com to … Continue reading

How to Validate a Web Form with JavaScript by Kelly Lynn

If you’re building a website, at some point, you’ll probably need a form so users can submit data. Forms are easy to build in HTML and you can add some simple JavaScript to your page to make sure that users submit valid data in the form fields. Let’s take a look at how to use JavaScript to validate some commonly used form fields. The HTML Form First we’ll create a basic form in HTML. Users will enter a name, email address, and age on the form: The HTML code for the form is very simple: <form id=”SampleForm” onsubmit=”validateForm();”> Name: <input type=”text” id=”SubscriberName”><br> Email: <input type=”text” id=”Email”><br> Age: <input type=”text” id=”Age”><br> <input type=”submit” value=”Submit”> </form> The JavaScript Function Now we need to add a JavaScript function to make sure that the … Continue reading

How to Add Web Parts to SharePoint Pages by Kelly Lynn

Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool for user collaboration. Understanding how to add web parts to a page can help make SharePoint an even more useful tool. Web parts are small pieces of code that display content on a SharePoint page. For example, you can add web parts that show your Outlook calendar, lists of tasks, images, and many other types of content. Adding multiple web parts to a page will result in a customized page full of useful information. Let’s walk through the basics of adding web parts to SharePoint pages: Adding Web Parts to a SharePoint Page - Step 1: Navigate to a SharePoint page that you have permission to edit. Step 2: Click on the Page tab and then click the “Edit Page” button, as shown below: … Continue reading

How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Network on Windows Platforms by Kelly Lynn

Anyone who has ever had a frustrating time finding an Internet connection has probably come across the option to create an ad hoc network. What does this mean? Ad hoc networks create a temporary wireless connection between computers or devices so that files or Internet connection can be shared. They are an excellent option when a router and established wireless network are unavailable. If your normal wireless network is experiencing problems, creating a temporary ad hoc network is a good solution until your regular connection is restored.  It is also possible to connect the computers without an external wireless connection. This option would be used to share files between the machines. 1. From the Start menu, select “Connect to” and then “Set up a connection or network.” You can also … Continue reading

How to Use Aggregate Functions in Your Queries by Kelly Lynn

If you’re new to writing SQL queries, you may not know about aggregate functions. These handy tools can provide you with some quick information about your tables. For example, you can use aggregate functions to find the number of rows in your table or to do simple calculations like find the minimum or maximum values in a column. Let’s take a closer at how aggregate functions work:   How Aggregate Functions are Different from Basic Queries – If you’re learning to write queries, you’re probably comfortable with the “SELECT * FROM Tablename” syntax to return all the rows in a table. When you use a function in your query, you’re only going to get one result (unless you include a group by condition on your query, but we won’t get … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Home Wireless Network on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP by Kelly Lynn

While many people can remember the days of dial-up modems and being shackled by physical wires, wireless Internet has become the standard for new home networks. Advancements in networking over the past two decades have provided the ability for more than one computer in a home to connect to the Internet at a time. Wireless networks also allow users to connect from anywhere within range of the router’s reach, giving users the luxury of checking their e-mail from their favorite spot on the couch. Setting up a home wireless network is easier than ever. Here is a quick guide to get you started. 1. Check that your computer’s operating system supports wireless networking. The new Windows 7 operating system comes prepared to support wireless networking. Windows Vista and Windows XP … Continue reading