DNS Changer Virus Removal - Everything You Must Know about the DNSChanger Trojan

Virus Alert - Initial reports from the indictment suggests more than 4,000,000 computers in over one hundred countries have been infected by the DNS Changer trojan (virus is also commonly referred to as a single word - DNSChanger). Please read the important information below to learn more about this virus and how to remove it.

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The impact of the virus will be felt on Monday, August 6th, 2012, when the the FBI's own servers shut down. What is the net effect of this? If infected, it will cripple your personal computer's Internet connectivity, making it very difficult to fix (because you won't be able to download DNSChanger removal software).

The DNS Changer trojan was created five years ago by a team of hackers, predominantly from Russia and Estonia. They benefited monetarily by the older version of this virus through the use of ads (they'd make money if you clicked on an ad served by their trojan). If you are the technical type, the mechanics of this malware works like so:

The DNSChanger does just that, tampers with the DNS (Domain Name Server), which takes the URL you enter and converts it to a numerical representation - an IP address. With this virus, the IP address that you are taken to isn't the correct one, thereby redirecting millions of users to websites that you didn't intend to visit. For example, you may have typed in to go to Facebook.com, but it actually takes you to a different location (even though it may show Facebook.com in the address bar). Even worse, it could potentially look like Facebook.com and get you to enter your username / password, thereby stealing your login info. This practice is referred to as phishing and pharming. You can imagine the impact if you were attempting to go to a banking site.

The FBI did in fact end up resolving the issue in 2011 (on their side). In order to do so, they had to setup temporary Internet servers rather than simply shutting down the rouge servers, because if they did that, millions of users would have been left without Internet access. The Monday date previously mentioned isn't a planned attack date, but rather a date when the FBI band-aid will come off, leaving those infected without Internet access if they haven't removed the virus.

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