Windows Vista Easter Eggs


Since the inception of Microsoft, the company has created a series of operating systems under the name “Windows.” The most recent incarnations of Windows have been “Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista,” with Vista being one of the more recent. Which each new incarnation of Windows Microsoft has not only improved past features but also innovated new ones. These innovations are what have allowed Microsoft to compete with newer operating systems such as Linux and Ubuntu, which are “Open Source,” which means free to download and use. Even though most Windows operating systems still cost to download the innovative features have allowed them to keep their core audience.

In each one of Microsoft’s Windows browsers they’ve hidden secrets that you can discover called “Easter eggs,” referring to an old fashioned Easter egg hunt in which you find Eggs hidden around an area. This article will show you some of the Easter eggs that were hidden specifically in Microsoft’s Windows Vista. The first is something called the “Aurora Screen Boot.” To enable this feature you have to click on the “start” orb at the bottom left of your screen, then type in the word “MSCONFIG” into the search box that it opens up and press the enter key. It will open up the system configuration tool, click on it then click on the tab that says “boot options” and click on “no GUI boot.” When you turn your computer on next you will have an entirely different boot screen.

The next Easter egg we’re going to cover are some of the hidden sounds and music that are hidden throughout every Windows Vista operating system. To access these hidden songs press the key with the Windows logo on it and the R key. It will open your “run” window. Once you’ve opened the the run window type the word “media” in. You will then open a previously hidden folder containing sounds and music that are very difficult to find any other way in Windows Vista. These songs are not included in the “Sample Music” folder and are very difficult to locate any other way.

Another interesting Easter egg contained by Windows Vista is something called “Ribbons” which turns your desktop into a never ending cascade of ribbons. To activate this Easter egg open up your command prompt. Once the black window of the command prompt is open type in “ribbons.scr/p65552” of course without the quotation marks otherwise it won’t recognize the code. It will open up a new window at the bottom of your screen, click on it. Once you’ve clicked on the newly open window it will turn your screen into a stream of ribbons of various colors. You have to use your task manager to shut it down otherwise it won’t let you interact with your computer anymore. You can do this with both “bubbles” and “aurora” by entering those words respectively before “.scr/p65552” to open either an aurora screen or a bubbles screen.