Windows Vista Tips and Tricks

More Nifty Tricks for Your Taskbar by Kelly Lynn

  The taskbar tricks in an earlier article talked about convenient keyboard shortcuts to use with the taskbar. Here are more shortcuts to try out, and an advanced tweak. Useful little keyboard shortcuts for the taskbar . When a program has a number of open instances, holding down the Control key while clicking repeatedly on its taskbar button allows you to cycle through all the instances. . If you want to pin a file to the jump list of the program that opens it, usually, you would open the file, right-click on the program's button on the taskbar, find the name of the file on the Recent segment of the jump list, and pin it. There's a much easier way, though -- you simply drag the file that you need … Continue reading

Clean Install of Windows Vista by Kelly Lynn

  If you need to perform a clean install of Windows Vista you can do so in just a few steps. You can perform a clean install without an existing operating system or one with an existing operating system or install it on a partitioned drive. You may have an option to "upgrade" your existing operating system to Windows Vista but this method is not recommended as it can create problems with hardware and drivers. Ensure Your System Is Compatible With Windows Vista Before you purchase the Windows Vista operating system be sure to check that your system is compatible. You may need more RAM or a larger hard drive or even a faster CPU in order for the installation to go smoothly and allow you to use the operating … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Home Wireless Network on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP by Kelly Lynn

While many people can remember the days of dial-up modems and being shackled by physical wires, wireless Internet has become the standard for new home networks. Advancements in networking over the past two decades have provided the ability for more than one computer in a home to connect to the Internet at a time. Wireless networks also allow users to connect from anywhere within range of the router’s reach, giving users the luxury of checking their e-mail from their favorite spot on the couch. Setting up a home wireless network is easier than ever. Here is a quick guide to get you started. 1. Check that your computer’s operating system supports wireless networking. The new Windows 7 operating system comes prepared to support wireless networking. Windows Vista and Windows XP … Continue reading

How to Clear Your Print Cache in Windows Vista by Kelly Lynn

Many of us have suffered from the annoying problem at some point or another.  You decide that you don’t want to print a document after clicking the “Print” button, so you open up your printer’s print cache and try to cancel or delete the document.  To your dismay, the document stays there, stubbornly refusing to be deleted.  This, of course, clogs up your print queue and holds up all of your other printing projects. As it turns out, there’s a simple and straightforward way to clear your print cache in Windows Vista—without restarting your computer.  First, make sure you have Administrator privileges on your PC.  Then simply follow these steps: 1. Open up your Start Menu and click on Run. Type in “services.msc” and click OK. When asked for permission … Continue reading

Change your Graphics Options for an Instant Speed Boost by Andrew Duncan

Computers nowadays are designed to perfectly fit the users’ preferences. They have improved graphics, nicer looks and feel, classy interfaces, different themes and screensavers, and all those apps and features added to improve overall interface while using the computer. The desktop and all the icons can be customized into the user’s preferred color, size, transparency and more. It makes the computer look prettier and depicts ownership to the user. The computer then becomes more of a personal machine. Computer personalization is one of the hottest things users are so into nowadays. But improving these features in your computer also has its downside. Every change you put into the computer affects the overall performance of the computer system. It’s like “in every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Stretching … Continue reading