Windows XP Tips and Tricks


As more updated operating systems have been invented and released to the public the popularity of Windows XP has not gone down. This operating system has managed to keep its core base of users and fans by pioneering innovative features and tricks that many others since have copied as the basis for their more updated operating systems. If one walks into an office it’s likely that more than one of the computers in the office will still be using Windows XP, business version, if the office has not yet upgraded to a more recent form of windows. Many Windows users feel no need to upgrade from Windows XP, because it already meets both their personal and business needs and may very well have exceeded their expectations.

In addition to Windows XP’s already easy to user operating system, there are some tips and tricks that will allow you to do things with Windows XP that before have never been so easy with another operating system. For example using Windows XP command prompt an individual can actually see if another computer is pirating and using the paid individual’s wireless internet. This is only one of the wonderful hidden features included in Windows XP that an individual can use.

In order to access this feature in Windows XP press your start button and click on “run” then in the menu box it opens write the letters “cmd” and press okay. These letters stand for “command” and typing them into the run menu will open up your “command prompt” which is a simple black window with white letters. This window allows you to enter commands that you wouldn’t normally be able to find on the regular menu. Type “net view” into the box. Unless you’re using an obscure internet provider this will bring up a list of all the people using your internet connection at the time. This allows you to see if you have anyone on your connection that you don’t want to be there as excess users can slow down an internet connection and interrupt your own connections.

The command prompt doesn’t only let you see other people but yourself as well. You can use the command prompt to see your own IP address and DNS configuration which is perfect for troubleshooting your own internet connection if you’re having any problems. To do this simply open your command prompt and type in “ip config” into the black window.

You can also use the command prompt to make hidden windows visible to you. Sometimes Windows XP will have files hidden by default or maybe you’ve purchased your computer from an individual seller rather than the company. In order to make hidden files visible to you open up the command prompt using the run button and type in “attrib-” this allows you to change the attributes of any file including the hidden files by extension making the hidden files visible to you.