Windows XP Tips and Tricks

Is It a Bad Thing That Task Manager Says That You Are Peaking Your RAM? by Kelly Lynn

  Should you be worried if you find that your computer uses up almost all the RAM it has? Does such full usage show that it doesn’t have enough? High memory usage isn’t always bad You can usually tell when the high memory usage on your computer is the bad kind by looking at the hard disk indicator. If it is always lit and your computer is rather slow as well, it is a clear sign that you are running out of RAM for essential functions and your computer is trying to use your hard disk to compensate. If your computer isn’t actually slow, its high RAM usage habits shouldn’t worry you. Disk caching If you were to try a computer out with Windows XP and Windows 7 by turn, … Continue reading

How to Set Up an Ad Hoc Network on Windows Platforms by Kelly Lynn

Anyone who has ever had a frustrating time finding an Internet connection has probably come across the option to create an ad hoc network. What does this mean? Ad hoc networks create a temporary wireless connection between computers or devices so that files or Internet connection can be shared. They are an excellent option when a router and established wireless network are unavailable. If your normal wireless network is experiencing problems, creating a temporary ad hoc network is a good solution until your regular connection is restored.  It is also possible to connect the computers without an external wireless connection. This option would be used to share files between the machines. 1. From the Start menu, select “Connect to” and then “Set up a connection or network.” You can also … Continue reading

How to Set Up a Home Wireless Network on Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP by Kelly Lynn

While many people can remember the days of dial-up modems and being shackled by physical wires, wireless Internet has become the standard for new home networks. Advancements in networking over the past two decades have provided the ability for more than one computer in a home to connect to the Internet at a time. Wireless networks also allow users to connect from anywhere within range of the router’s reach, giving users the luxury of checking their e-mail from their favorite spot on the couch. Setting up a home wireless network is easier than ever. Here is a quick guide to get you started. 1. Check that your computer’s operating system supports wireless networking. The new Windows 7 operating system comes prepared to support wireless networking. Windows Vista and Windows XP … Continue reading